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Sony MDR XB250 : Unboxing and Review

Here is the unboxing and full review of Sony MDR XB250 headphones.

RATING: 3.5/5

VERDICT: An average pair of headphones with clear sound but overpowering bass.


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  1. TechieBro 12 mins ago

    Awesome video bro, nice work

  2. gaipou panmy 12 mins ago

    For 4 years I have been using this beast! Very impressive for the price…Now I got an audio technica which prized over a 100 $. but I prefer this…

  3. Gaming with Amal 12 mins ago

    have mic

  4. TrashG 12 mins ago

    Does it has mics ?

  5. TrashG 12 mins ago

    What is the price

  6. Jonah Kingma 12 mins ago

    I’ve got the beats studio 3

  7. Akash Khatri 12 mins ago

    Yeda mat bana…

  8. kempegouda14 teslm 12 mins ago

    On my point of view the headphones are good and has a hugeee bass power and the bass is good for me and not for my sis she is a music lover not a bass so I recommend bass lovers to get this (keeping in mind this is an entry level)

  9. LorD.raiDen 12 mins ago

    Learn some english first bitch

  10. Matt Miller 12 mins ago

    Nice honest review

  11. ritam niyogi 12 mins ago

    I also owned the Sony extra bass 250.Yes the bass was heavy and rest mids highs were killed.But at rs-1000 what can u expect.These are entry level headphones of sony

  12. ritam niyogi 12 mins ago

    Sony is known for its bass performance

  13. SURAJ KUMAR SINGH 12 mins ago

    How does it charge

  14. Ekagra Kumar 12 mins ago

    You mad nigguh there's clearly written that this headphones are made for EDM

  15. Shanay 12 mins ago

    how do u know that it's a original one,
    as there was no warranty sticker which is the main identity of original sony headphones.
    have u got any warranty card inside the box?

  16. abhishek jain 12 mins ago

    not base, bass

  17. ANIL ALUKKAL 12 mins ago

    is this better than audio technica ath s100???

  18. zeel patel 12 mins ago

    guys no those headphones are the best and i have been using it for 3 months in my Xperia and nothing more better in this range.Excellent bass marvellous sound quality. What u need else.

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