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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 Hands-On And Opinion

I had some hands-on time with the Sony WX220 compact digital camera. In this video I look over the camera and try out a few of the more unique features like the smile detect automatic photo feature and the iPanorama feature. It’s a nice little lower cost camera that has a 4.45-44.5mm (25-250mm) lens that gives you a bit more flexibility than smart phones. Get the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 Digital Camera here:

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  1. BEJANPANTI 10 hours ago

    Can we connet mic to it ??

  2. Alf Sallander 10 hours ago

    Is the tripod mount metal or plastic? Sadly some cameras comes with plastic tripod mount and that will not hold up nearly as long as metal will.

  3. Anthony Evich 10 hours ago

    Sweet video! I just picked up a near mint one of these (WX220) online (mercari) for $25. They usually go for more then $100 even on ebay

  4. Jeya Ruban 10 hours ago

    Which one is best ? Wx220 or h300 ?

  5. Hiranga Bijoy chakraborty 10 hours ago

    Is there any possibility to connect a microphone (those mini Rode microphones maybe) to this for better audio quality? How's the default mic? Very nice review 👏👏👏

  6. YouTuber 10 hours ago

    Can you use the camera while charging using power bank? Please reply.

  7. Levian & Z Nachtschatten 10 hours ago

    Love these kind of cameras!! Much cooler than smartphone cam in my option

  8. Saya setuju, 10 hours ago

    bro, I have Sony Wx220 when I photographed in a very bright sun on a trees. it will darken at the many spots (very dark) , how do you handle it?

    Many composition i lve been trying but nothing happened.

  9. Amoni Johnson 10 hours ago

    I have this camera at home. My mom rarely uses it for taking pictures. So i decided to use it for making YT videos.

  10. Wizzy Wambo 10 hours ago

    I got this for $15 at a second hand shop today

  11. Zen Parvez 10 hours ago

    Does it support as a webcam with shallow depth of field and good iso ??

  12. Steve C 10 hours ago

    Are these as good as iPhones?

  13. Neica Nimeni 10 hours ago

    wx350 or wx220, wich one do you reckon, for photo video price, battery? thanks

  14. Dan Snyder 10 hours ago

    I have this camera, it was $230. The battery that comes with it is 600mAh. Power2000 makes a 1300mAh battery for this camera, so a little more than 2x the battery life. Even the stock battery is good. I highly recommend this camera. It supports 64GB It's size is very easy to carry. It has Wi-Fi and NFC.The picture quality is noticeably better than any smartphone. It has steadyshot for both still and video. And the sound it records is stereo. I'm very happy with it.

  15. Donald Shaw 10 hours ago

    I'm seeing this camera all over the web now for under $200. Does this camera take better pictures than the newest smartphones? Trying to decide if it's worth it to have a dedicated camera for traveling to save my phone battery, etc.

  16. Rock S 10 hours ago

    Does this camera support 64 gb card?

  17. ruturaj2009 10 hours ago

    is this camera support 64 gb sd card?

  18. Arun Kumar 10 hours ago

    Pls suggest. Can we use this for taking passport size photo copies in shop

  19. Louis76 10 hours ago

    How long dose it take for the battery to charge up and how do you know when its fully charged

  20. Prakash M 10 hours ago


  21. Ramiro Capozzi 10 hours ago

    Deference between this one and the Dsc WX100?

  22. Bikash Nath 10 hours ago

    Thanks! For this review

  23. lasarith2 10 hours ago

    It also stays on if you plug a External power bank until it runs out -(I didn’t realise I haven’t shut mine off came back hours later it was still on )

  24. Sagar Patel 10 hours ago

    I own this one and having a hard time taking pictures in good lighting condition. In auto mode it most of the time takes completely black photos (due to 1/1600 shutter speed I guess). Anybody else facing this issue?

  25. kumar bishun 10 hours ago

    very fine

  26. Ariam Grass 10 hours ago

    It's a little beast, i have one, Sony vivid colors, great stabilizer, video is useful for internet videos, pretty decent.

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