Will Ron Paul Libertarians Rally for Romney? – Brian Doherty

Thom Hartmann talks with Brian Doherty, Senior Editor, Reason magazine and / Author of the new book “Ron Paul’s Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired” Website: about whether Ron Paul supporters will throw their support behing Mitt Romney.
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  1. matchbox555 8 months ago

    im voting obama fuck all you right wing turds

  2. adwaye 8 months ago

    I will vote for Gary Johnson. I rather go fishing then vote Romney.

  3. StunnedByStupidity 8 months ago

    If you are a Paulbot then staying out of politics COMPLETELY would me much appreciated – at least until you understand what facts, science, history and reality is…

  4. judyleasugar97 8 months ago

    The only influence of corruption I see in the govt right now comes from the Republicans. Please spare us this continued attack of the government, an entity that while not perfect, for the most part helps people. Try to imagine life without food safety, airplane safety, highways and roads that won't collapse, making sure your retirement savings are safe, just to begin with.

  5. JorgeArellano 8 months ago

    No, that is your opinion. You have ZERO evidence to back your claim.

    The banks do have too much power, but the question is why? If they would have failed would they still have had all of this power? No…

    Try researching what the Federal Reserve does. I am not saying it is at the heart of all the problems we have, but it proves how Governmental programs corrupt private programs because the rich buy influence.

  6. judyleasugar97 8 months ago

    I disproved your statement. The Fed does NOT regulate banks. More like the other way around. The banks have too much power. It would seem from that the BANKS need to be reined in, not the government.

  7. JorgeArellano 8 months ago

    No, the entire point was self reliance. You said you don't want to put your money into unregulated banks and this and that. I rebuked your argument by stating that the Fed regulates all of the banks ( along with other govt agencies) and yet we have all of the problems that they were originally meant to stop.

    I seriously wish the Gov't could solve most if not all problems, but they have a terrible track record. We shouldn't judge policies for there intentions, but there results. Is my point…

  8. judyleasugar97 8 months ago

    I'm not sure what the point of your comment is. In my opinion the Reserve is not doing the job it was created to do. We both agree it is to some extent corrupt. But the beginning of this conversation we were debating if Social Security should be privatized. What does the Reserve have to do with that?

    I don't understand why you are fixed on the Federal Reserve. There is much the govt does that is good.

  9. g2000m 8 months ago

    Hmmm someone in Germany in the thirties did the same as I recall….

  10. g2000m 8 months ago

    It's the Rand Paul campaign for 2016 now as it has always been, not Ron Paul.

  11. JorgeArellano 8 months ago

    Boy? Hmm…

    Well I am not a conservative to begin with, so try and stick to the issue.

    You are arguing my point exactly, the Fed helps the most well connected private companies first. They also control the amount of currency as well as set interest rates for all member banks.

    The Congress Bailed out the Banks, the federal reserve increased their reserve ratio. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

    You still fail to see the fact that the Fed, a Gov'tl body, helps the Rich and steals from the poor.

  12. biggydx 8 months ago

    I dont think Thom is saying Ron wants you to physically take heroine because he wants it legalized. He's saying that there is a negative side to Paul's ideology and policy making once he reels you in with some of his Progressively shared ideas.

  13. judyleasugar97 8 months ago

    Boy, that is really laughable. Most people I talk to think the Federal Reserve is unduly influenced by the banks. Look at the bailout, the big banks got loans but small businesses didn't.
    Why do you think conservatives are trying so hard to destroy Obama? If he was in their pocket as you claim,…

  14. JorgeArellano 8 months ago

    You are saying that Government needs to regulate this and that. I am telling you that the banking system is regulated by the Federal Reserve the CENTRAL BANK! It is Government monopoly of the monetary system.

    Ironically you cannot see the fact that it is this exact same Government that benefits the Biggest Corporations; yet you still want more intrusive government to "regulate more" and then you fail to see the outcome.

    Ask me anything; I follow facts and make conclusions based on them.

  15. GoGreenCo 8 months ago

    "Will Ron Paul Libertarians rally for Romney?"

    The question didn't get an answer.

  16. judyleasugar97 8 months ago

    The average person can't open an account with the Fed or take out a loan from them. If it is a bank, it's a bank for the super wealthy and that's it. The Fed needs to start lending to small business.

    For one thing, there was deregulation of the derivatives market. Banks should not be allowed to make bets on the downturn of the market;.I haven't heard any specifics from you.

  17. judyleasugar97 8 months ago

    My electronics are cheap because they pay Chinese workers 33 cents an hour to make them, it has nothing to do with competition.

    Cut back on the excesses of the pharma companies for starters. Notice the extreme difference in price between generic and name brand? There is no reason for this disparity of price except GREED.

  18. Ōkami-san 8 months ago

    Competition is the ONLY way. It's the reason why your PC and iPhone are so ridiculously cheap. If health care were a free-market you'd have access to an fMRI scan for the price of going to a movie.

  19. JorgeArellano 8 months ago

    The the Federal Reserve IS A CENTRAL BANK OF THE United States… It is a National Bank…

    Beyond referring to poorly thought out ideas that involve legislation you have probably heard from a talking head, you cannot tell me how they were deregulated as well as tell me how they were caused with real facts.

    Please refrain from regurgitated ideas that have no factual basis and only provide rhetorical fuel for Leftist dogmas.

  20. judyleasugar97 8 months ago

    That's laughable. With insurance companies getting one out of every three dollars spent on health care, you can be sure they will keep the prices high.

  21. judyleasugar97 8 months ago

    The banks are not regulated enough. Yes, reinstate GLASS STEAGALL! It worked very well for many years!

    In my opinion the govt should open a national bank to compete with the big banks. It would be one solution.

  22. DEVIL COMMANDER 8 months ago


  23. JorgeArellano 8 months ago

    Republicans = Government; they are a problem…

    The Fed is a Governmental entity… Big Banks are regulated… Why is it that they were bailed out by their friends in the Government? Don't you see that its the powerful politicians that dish out favors to the people who make them rich?

    What happened to Sarbanes-Oxley? I am assuming the next thing you will say is " reinstate Glass-Steagall" and I will tell you to research how it was braking up well before 1999.

  24. judyleasugar97 8 months ago

    Why would I trust Republicans, the ones who orchestrated the last bank crash? The fed is a weak arm of Wall Street. Wall Street should be regulated and the big banks broken up, that's the real problem, not the govt.

  25. JorgeArellano 8 months ago

    So you trust Republicans then? Hmm…

    The same banking system that is heavily regulated? The same system that is controlled by a quasi-Governmental system, the Federal Reserve? I don't see how not believing in a banking system that failed four years ago would lead you to trust the Government that ironically controls and regulates that system as well?

  26. Ōkami-san 8 months ago

    In a free market Thom's son-in law's treatment could easily be afforded by Thom. The free-market brought us a cheap super computer in your picket for $300 AND it will bring highly effective great quality cheap medicine.

    Anyway, I find it sad Thom has to paint such a simplistic picture of the Liberal argument.

  27. judyleasugar97 8 months ago

    Not self reliance, it's called stupidity. Why should I put money into a banking system that crashed 4 years ago? What if there's an even worse melt down? (highly likely) In the end the govt is more reliable than Wall Street.

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