Why People Buy: How to Setup any Product for Success via Story Marketing | Ben Malol, AWeurope 2018

Why People Buy: How to Setup any Product for Success through Story Marketing

by Ben Malol (CEO, Its Ben Malol Here LLC)

People don’t buy products, they buy stories. Ben Malol is taking the stage to explain that the route to winning products is not always split testing hundreds of different items, but the marketing itself. Marketing can turn any product into a winning product. Don’t confuse marketing with advertising. Marketing is the story behind the product, the angle that you take with it. Advertising is just the tool in which the story is told. Take yourself out of the 90% of marketers trying to play the numbers game until you fall on that “winning product” and take control of setting up any product with success right out of the gate!

The Simon Sinek of marketing, Ben will explore the “why” of purchasing behaviour so that you too can craft the picture story that will turn your audiences into buyers.

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  1. Heidi Halloween 10 months ago

    Only problem with marketers is exaggerating with their fancy words…WINNING products is not what they are…they are potential TESTING products ….def more chance to be successful but not necessarily WINNING products.

  2. Services informatique 10 months ago

    Thank you 💪👍

  3. Mistah AC 10 months ago

    This guy is all theory. Doesn't even dropship anymore.

  4. Happy Listing 10 months ago

    What angle do you have on furniture?

  5. Michael I. 10 months ago

    "It's Ben Malol Here" lol someone's a fan of Sam Ovens

  6. Ryan Yu 10 months ago

    Literally enjoy every second of the Video. Thanks Ben.

  7. Ken No 10 months ago

    Bla bla bla… Get to the point.

  8. Kabir Hossain 10 months ago

    What a video
    Loving Ben

  9. Pro Wiz 10 months ago

    Great and very useful stuff, thanks a lot.

  10. R.Ananda Krishnan 10 months ago

    this is so effective!!! really gonna try…

  11. Issam Lvmk 10 months ago

    this man is a GAME CHANGER !

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