Who Wants to be a Millionaire – Syndicated Host's Screen

Ever wondered what was shown on Meredith’s screen in the old seasons? Did she ever know the answer to those? Did the screen ever tell her the answers on her screen and how the heck did she know your name and place? The answers in the video!
From the Top: Questions and four possible answers
Colored Boxes: The Blue box is how many questions you are from the million, the orange box is how much money you’ve won so far, the green box is how money the question is worth, the red box is how much you’ll be leaving if you answered wrong and the cyan box is how much money you lost.
Little Box by the Colored Boxes: This is the answer indicator, its gray when no answer is selected, if an answer is chosen and it turns red it means the answer is wrong, it if turns green the answer is right.
The Gap between the colored boxes and the empty blue box: The only thing known displayed here is a text that reads “BREAK” which would tell the host their going onto a commercial break.
The empty blue box: Displays the Phone a Friend clock or Ask the audience polls. If the contestant used ATA and said final answer on the question the polls go away and is replaced by a text containing some info on the correct answer.
The 2nd box: This box contains contestant information like first and last name followed by the town and state they live in.
Lifeline Indicators: Here is where the lifelines are and if they are used they are X’d out, the white box that surrounds the switch the question lifeline is actually a spot box. It will be displayed there as an empty box until the contestant reaches $25,000, this is where the lifeline itself will show up
Money Tree: Shows what level the contestant is on, the orange bar indicates how much they have won same as the orange box mentioned above.


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  1. Money Dynamic Matanya 8 months ago

    How do you know that!s the hosts screen?

  2. Logie Bear 8 months ago

    Actually Sears began his career in 1886.

  3. Chris Finch 8 months ago

    7:08 AAH! AAAAAAH!!!!! DAMN IT!

  4. Antonella by m2o 8 months ago

    4:28 my answer is C.stuffy head

  5. ITETPIR SONICFAN 8 months ago

    4:33 The contestant decide to use the 50:50 lifeline
    4:34 Okay computer, please randomly take away two of the wrong answers.

  6. William Grantham 8 months ago

    William Grantham Wins $1 Million Dollars Spin The Wheel

  7. William Grantham 8 months ago

    2:52 We Be Right Back! William Grantham Is 2 Way For $10 Million Dollars!

  8. William Grantham 8 months ago

    5:24 William Grantham's Million Dollar Run

  9. William Grantham 8 months ago

    7:09 Ogi Ogas Has This Answer.

  10. William Grantham 8 months ago

    D. It's My Answer. "William"

  11. William Grantham 8 months ago

    Meredith Vieria Did This With Ogi Ogas.

  12. KiyokaMakibi 8 months ago

    So basically the correct answer appears in the text box with info before the correct answer flashes. Interesting! I always thought it would just flash. Then again I suppose the audience could see even that from the distance. I wonder if this was similar to the UK version.

  13. axl prosser 8 months ago

    how do i play this? i'm struggling.

  14. Макс Гусаров 8 months ago

    Please give me this game please

  15. Minh Khôi 8 months ago

    Download link?

  16. Rishabh Kumar Sharma 8 months ago

    Please bro

  17. Rishabh Kumar Sharma 8 months ago

    Bro please send me the downloading link of the host version of this game

  18. Kevin Tablet 8 months ago

    This is why I hate the syndicated format. The money tree is just plain wrong

    Let's look at the jump and subsequent plunge there is to the second milestone in this money tree, which is worth a guaranteed $25k, in comparison to the UK format.

    You stand to gain an additional $9k in this format if you get the question right, but you are risking $15000 of the $16000 you currently have.

    That's not a good bet at all. You don't stand to make more money by playing this question if you felt like gambling, effectively meaning at this seriously early stage you have to consider if you are completely certain

    The Uk's format has a milestone of £32,000, which is more then worth the gamble, since you are now betting 15k to double your money, which is far more worth it

    I wouldn't be surprised if people just cashed out on $16,000 because the gambling odds were too risky….

  19. William Grantham 8 months ago


  20. Oreezy99 8 months ago

    this was from that Ogi Ogas episode

  21. Đạt Nguyễn 8 months ago


  22. CTStacker1 8 months ago

    This was the gameplay of Ogi Odin, right?

  23. TdH mEmez 8 months ago

    can you give me a download link

  24. Закрыто 8 months ago

    Эта игровая контроль была с 1999 по 2004.

  25. Đạt Nguyễn 8 months ago

    can i download this link

  26. Sheldon Cooper 8 months ago

    What color light appears on the Host's screen when you get the question wrong?

  27. David R. Officer 8 months ago

    Also, on the host screen, the right answer doesn't flash, just appears as solid green

  28. David R. Officer 8 months ago

    What font did you use to create the symbols in the colored boxes indicating away, etc?

  29. AXL CZ 8 months ago

    super hra co

  30. Paul Williams 8 months ago

    Question how did you draw the boxes for the answer spaces? I'm still trying to figure out how to do that. Also what program language was this written in?

  31. JPS13Laptop 8 months ago

    Hi, Can you please send me a download URL for this please?

  32. John Christian 8 months ago

    E-mail me at gmail for the download link, please

  33. Chandler Bing 8 months ago

    Lose $85,000 wrong?

  34. HikaruBaskerville 8 months ago

    Seeker showed me this awhile back on skype. I always thought the host/hostesses studied the questions pre-show o3o

  35. SkillCZ 8 months ago

    could you send me a download link i really need this for my school project

  36. Odin Nygaard 8 months ago

    Can u please email me the download

  37. Clément FREZE - Mentaliste 8 months ago

    Where we can download it please !

  38. Playbacklover90 8 months ago

    You miscalculated the loss, it's -$75,000 not $85,000. But I know it's about 2 years old.

  39. Jim Stanbrook 8 months ago

    Download ?

  40. Grzegorz Brzózka 8 months ago

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  41. The Cando Railfan 8 months ago


  42. Щербаков Алексей 8 months ago

    How did you do it? It`s very need to me!

  43. The Cando Railfan 8 months ago


  44. emmanuel chidek 8 months ago

    the video are gud just dat i want to learn them

  45. Bryce Lozier 8 months ago

    Is this at all similar to how Reege's screen looked in the 1999-2002 ABC series?

  46. RogamaFilmProducers 8 months ago

    This is Ogi Ogas' run

  47. RogamaFilmProducers 8 months ago

    Yeah, he was an Expert of ATE but when that lifeline retired, he wasn't. I live in the Uk, and i know this!

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