Watch Christian Bale Burn Rubber in ‘Ford v Ferrari’ | Anatomy of a Scene

How do you go about recreating a 24-hour auto race for a movie? If you’re the director James Mangold, meticulously.

His latest film, “Ford v Ferrari,” takes place in the mid-1960s as the Ford Motor Company is trying to come up with a car that can beat out Ferrari in the Le Mans auto race. The American executives bring on the car designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and the driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) to aid in that task.

This scene takes place at the beginning of the 1966 edition of the race as Miles is preparing. Narrating the sequence, Mangold said that he wanted to use the camera following Miles down a hallway and then out to the track as a technique to reveal the spectacle of the race, with overwhelming crowds and a heightened energy.

The race starts the same way Le Mans used to actually begin, with the drivers standing across the track from their cars, then running over and leaping into the vehicles before pulling out. Mangold said the moment, captured in one shot, was a challenge to coordinate but was important to give a sense of authenticity to the scene.

He said he shot as much of the action as possible with real cars and stunt drivers, using visual effects not as much for the racing moments, but more to populate the stands so the production wouldn’t need 20,000 extras each day.

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  1. Craig Tucker 8 months ago

    and from that day on, all Fords come with those little hammers with the red handle

  2. Mariam ASabek 8 months ago

    Brilliant! And as he says you get more emotional when you see the film from the driver's point of view rather than the crowd. Well done James Mangold!

  3. John Steel 8 months ago

    Shelby is the force behind the GT40 creation. Miles was one if the most accomplished drivers of the time. Even did a few races in F1 in a Lotus. Give respect fir their effort and accomplishments please.

  4. Tony Tk 8 months ago

    Great movie however it will never get close to Rush.

  5. Bebo May 8 months ago

    All you need is a BFH = big___ hammer!

  6. Alan Ortiz Colombo 8 months ago

    The video ended and I realized I didn't listen to a word the director had said

  7. Lorena Alvarez 8 months ago

    Para mi un peliculonnnnn por suerte la pude verrrr !!!!

  8. Skydiver 8 months ago

    Hit it with a bigger hammer, always works.

  9. antony michael 8 months ago

    Ah …..Ford GT40…… the great American (actually British) Supercar ….I can't believe Ford or America even takes credit for it…..It's just Grand Theft Auto!

  10. Keenan Vaughn 8 months ago

    You ain't no Steve McQueen.

  11. Keenan Vaughn 8 months ago

    M.A.T.T. D.A.M.E.N!

  12. ninuxy 8 months ago

    If this happens to me, after fixing the door, I'll so fired up to take over everyone.

  13. one37am 8 months ago

    I had to watch the last bit a few times because I was paying to much attention to the movie in the background 😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

  14. Steven Antony 8 months ago

    Excellent! Nicely Done!

  15. Steve Reinhardt 8 months ago

    Mechanic rule #1: “ Get a bigger hammer “.

  16. jansen melo 8 months ago

    I just came here to see the sunglasses of Matt Damon i ordered.
    cant wait to ship

  17. TheBigENN 8 months ago

    i think this movie was just as epic as RUSH was a few years ago!!

  18. Linda Mon 8 months ago

    Omgagaga gad tho the studded studery is stunning fing lamon who knew i was into cars? This is cool& hot all at once.

  19. Lucas 8 months ago

    Ken Miles legend

  20. somu. 22 8 months ago

    The bloody door won't close

  21. charlotte quillen 8 months ago

    they spent so much time making the 427 bullet-proof they forgot to grease the door-latch.

  22. Endrit berisha 8 months ago


  23. DarwishEG 8 months ago

    Dude sounds like Anthony Bourdain, RIP

  24. THESocialJusticeWarrior 8 months ago

    I wonder if the car still has the mark where they hit it with the hammer. I hope so.

  25. Snug Spoon 8 months ago


  26. Niall Hassett 8 months ago

    I absolutely loved the movie and if I didn't have Taron Egerton and Leo as my favorites to win best actor, I would put Bale third. Adored his performance

  27. Racer 06 8 months ago

    As a driver myself I watched this movie on the big screen. keep in mind this is my favorite racing story and my dream car here. While watching the Daytona scene and the Le Man scene I felt as if I was in the car. I distinctly remember having the same look and feel i do when I am driving and after those scenes ended I literally had to take a breath just like real life and when that happened I kinda fell back in to the real world and then i realized I was almost sweating, my heart was beating and I had the largest smile on my face. I looked around at everyone in the room and just kinda sat there for a minute and sat back in my chair. I asked my dad later (he was there with me) and he said that i definitely looked intense, almost kinda stressed from the race. I have never been so immersed in to a movie. When he said how he tried to make it from the point of view of a driver, he did a fantastic job because I am a driver and I felt as if I was in the car and I won the race. It was amazing. I had a not so great season last year with lots of stupid issues that i dealt with so the scene with the door honestly made me feel a little better about my bad luck last season, and although I was not there, it felt great to experience what in my mind was a big moment after a kinda rough season. This is my favorite movie so thank you so much for making it.

  28. Ian Schulz 8 months ago

    I wasn't planning on seeing this, but the fact that the director of Logan is working with what is – by all accounts – another brilliant Christian Bale performance got me stoked.

  29. 이호준 8 months ago

    Dear Fast and Furious franchise: this is how you make a car movie.

  30. Juan Manuel Penaloza 8 months ago

    Reverse Saving Private Ryan…

    You know he's there, right?

  31. tecums3h 8 months ago

    Does it come in black?

  32. Moses jasso 8 months ago

    The tv in la is that the actual le man race of that year

  33. satish kumar 8 months ago

    Wow wow wow i must see this movie

  34. Sudhir Raghu 8 months ago

    Just watched this movie on opening day in Chennai, India. Fabulous!

  35. cathalsurfs 8 months ago

    Fix Or Repair Daily.

  36. Gunnar DeRoss 8 months ago

    Ford v Ferrari is the best film I’ve ever seen, and car guy or not, it’s a must see. The acting is phenomenal, the storytelling is amazing, and everything overall is just perfection!

  37. C Schnauz 8 months ago

    Loved it. Fine film. A little too much Hollywood but….
    Too bad Enzo was in reality back in Modena, he occasionally went to monza for practice but never attended actual races. That’s why Ferrari’s lead driver john surtees left Le Mans after a row with team manager Dragoni, to have it out with the old man(Enzo) back at the Ferrari factory.

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