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VG vs FPX Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Summer Season 2020 W6D4 Vici Gaming vs FunPlus Phoenix by Onivia

VG vs FPX Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Summer Season 2020 W6D4 Vici Gaming vs FunPlus Phoenix by Onivia
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  1. alex nguyen 11 months ago

    Fpx got clapped

  2. John Paul Torres 11 months ago

    The English shout caster is bias

  3. Code YVO 11 months ago

    5:45 kick into the Ashe arrow was so beautiful to watch. Too bad it ended up not paying off, but this is the level of coordination I want to see from a top-tier team like FPX.

  4. Code YVO 11 months ago

    VG just slipped through the radar. No one would have expected them to beat FPX and now, they're tied with them in the standings. Well played.

  5. Your Dad Is Here 11 months ago

    FPX so cocky that they forget the power of ELDER drake.

  6. Louis Kim Ngân 11 months ago

    Aix > Leyan

  7. NCT 11 months ago

    Good Job Kkoma what a legend of skt 3 time wolrd champions

  8. Arturo Castro 11 months ago

    Aphelios + Elder buff (True damage + Execution) = GG

  9. Arturo Castro 11 months ago

    Check Lee Sin R + Ashe R 5:33

  10. châu lee 11 months ago

    Game 3 VC Dragon and baron free ???

  11. Vice Versace 11 months ago

    Was this rigged?? Like, how did they messed up the elder timing?? 🤯🤯🤯

  12. Equis Diez 11 months ago


  13. Minh Nguyen 11 months ago

    Vici is a jg away from contending with top team.

  14. Minh Nguyen 11 months ago

    Zeka turning into a wonderful surprise for vici. He’s balling.

  15. Amidamarobby Rodriguez 11 months ago

    nice throw fpx

  16. Muhammad Taha 11 months ago

    I think FPX Played the last fight very poorly even a silver player would no you should peel for Ashe they left her to 1v1 a renekton hhh

  17. TheMenaceNoob 11 months ago

    good ass game, i always watch vici ever since kkoma. i want them to make it to worlds badly. win or lose they always play exciting and learn from each and every game . vici plays to improve

  18. Chrissel Louise 11 months ago

    Elder is carrying the game 3 so hard. All the previous drakes meant nothing lol

  19. Matt Keller 11 months ago

    Sett vs Naut mid lmao only in FPX games

  20. Shuai Zhou 11 months ago

    Game1 银币哥comp他妈就是为了越塔

  21. 박상욱 11 months ago

    와… 저번에도 vg가 fpx이겨버리더니 또이겻네;;

  22. LA 2000 11 months ago

    Lpl aphelios >>>>>

  23. Marceau Ehrmann 11 months ago


  24. Vinh Vo 11 months ago

    Suprised in game 3 🤪

  25. Diễn Viên Youtuber 11 months ago

    Tian bad dragon

  26. Carlos Augusto 11 months ago

    Nossa mas o que rolou nesse game 3? Meu pai do céu

  27. J Z 11 months ago

    wait leyans on vg now?

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