Toys R Us – The Final Chapter

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We are in the final days of Toys R Us. A company that’s been part of our lives for the past 70 years is nearing its end. Exactly 9 months ago I made a video about their decline that talked about their core issues. It essentially told the story of Toys R Us, with the exception of the final chapter. This video completes the story and talks about what’s been happening over the past 9 months and why they weren’t able to recover.

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Other Company Declines:
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  1. Company Man 8 months ago

    Here's the link to my original video if you're interested in how they got here:

  2. Prodbyajmoney 8 months ago

    I'm from Canada and I'm laughing at this video

  3. Malcolm Cox 8 months ago

    Being my mother's only child toy's r us was the best thing ever i couldn't wait to get the catalog and mark what I wanted for my bday or Xmas

  4. Crab Buckets 8 months ago

    Man I just watched these toys r us videos good job. I'm from Australia and I'm pretty sure there is a toys r us near the mall. Was last time I checked but I will check it out 👍

  5. Ron Roe 8 months ago

    I remember going to toys r us in Tulsa and getting toys for my daughter. I enjoyed playing with the toys too. I bought some monster models when they reissued them there too. The last time I went there it was not kid friendly anymore. Sad

  6. Crazy Lamont 8 months ago

    Toys R Us is back!!!!

  7. SpottedStripe 8 months ago

    I've never been to Toys-R-Us but I think it's a little silly how people reacted to it shutting down. It's just a toy store.
    A really expensive toy store which is why my parents never brought me to it in the first place, but a toy store nonetheless

  8. Vaccine 8 months ago

    It's back in some form in the US

  9. Ruler Girl 8 months ago

    haha, we still have ToysRus in Canada

  10. Leonardo Smart 8 months ago

    wait it's been a year already it's been gone

  11. ferociousgumby 8 months ago

    There is a local toy store called Master Mind that is still popular, though it skews towards games, puzzles, board games, etc. and things like high-end plush toys.

  12. ferociousgumby 8 months ago

    I always hated Toys R Us (sorry, can't do a backwards R). I am glad our grandkids are now too old for that shit. Too expensive, horrible store with glaring light like you're being interrogated, can't find anything, very cheap quality if it isn't name brand ("craft" items with a few cents worth of crap in them – "origami" kit was a pad of cheap paper). They deserved to fall.

  13. Christmas Spaccarotella 8 months ago

    7:53 that is literally THE toys r us i used to go to when i was a lot younger. 😭 that one hit a little different

  14. Angelina Agosta 8 months ago

    I was able to convince a store manager to sell me the toilet from the women's bathroom 🤑

  15. Sunny Girl 8 months ago

    How about a few years

  16. KOTHYSCHER 8 months ago

    In Poland we have at least 4 of them and they are not about to close, there were just 4 stores from the beginning, and the one at Warsaw shopping centre called Blue City is still pretty popular.

  17. Q Cote 8 months ago

    Honestly this was tragic to see. I still have fond memories of going through a toys r us when I was 10 and running to the lego section while my mom was getting baby stuff for my little sister who was expected. God that was almost 10 years ago…

  18. Ilu 8 months ago

    Idk if they are still open in germany but I miss them. The last time I was in the part of town were their stpre was, was 2013 when my mom was still alive and I was just about 15. I miss them because they had great toys at that time, and when I was little and lost my mom in that massive store they gave me some snacks and let me play for what felt like forever with super expensive toys. Coming from a dysfunctional and broke family, that meant the world to me and is among the nicest memories I have. Same goes for Wal Mart, until they moved or closed in my hometown. I like how an international store did connect people in a certain way across the globe.hope their employees found something new

  19. Ethan 8 months ago

    I went there shortly before it closed. I got a ton of stuff because pretty much everything was like, 75% off or a little less maybe more.

  20. Peter Bach 8 months ago

    Toys R Us is back baby!

  21. Dr Whammo 8 months ago

    walks into Toys R Us*
    "Yo, can I buy that cash register"

  22. Starlight Playz 8 months ago

    I loved toys r us when I was little but now it just gone

  23. Ashley Alvarez 8 months ago

    It is sad when the kids do not have toys 😔😔

  24. Jazzy Amandori 8 months ago

    A lot of toy stores have definitely been hit when online retail is more of a thing, my nephew could want some toy for christmas and all i’d need to do is just look it up online and order it.

    For those of us who grew up with Toys R Us and other toy stores, its sad to see a part of our childhood go

  25. lyin4rmu 8 months ago

    well well well. looks like toys r us is back….. 1 store at a time.

  26. Christopher Jorgensen 8 months ago

    Another reason I'm glad I'm Canadian. There's a Toys R Us still open near me. It sucks that the US stores had to be closed.

  27. The B Bro 8 months ago

    Since the video was in 2018, I’ll tell you something happened in 2020. The website is still up, but if you want to buy a toy, it sends you to the target website.

  28. AJ Kerr 8 months ago

    They came back.

  29. Lilia’s Play and vlog 8 months ago

    There used too be a toys r us at my mall and we would go there every day then when me and my siblings got older it closed down even though many people were actually going there a week ago I just realized they closed😔

  30. Flaming Night Hawk 8 months ago


  31. Erika Stone 8 months ago

    Toys r us still exists in Japan

  32. Lola Party 8 months ago

    I’m golden

  33. Lola Party 8 months ago

    I’m 56 old

  34. ChillGamer4life 8 months ago

    What about Europe the stores in Europe never closed

  35. ChillGamer4life 8 months ago

    2019 I Toys “R” Us store reopened in us

  36. Mark Lester 8 months ago

    I've been to like 2 of Ex-TRU Locations, when I was 12+13 for a few toys that saw there ( back in '00 and '01 ), but no where else. And, to a Young Person that age & the Paying Adult, $9.95+Tax isn't bad.

  37. Brooke Silver-Maker 8 months ago

    I remember only going there once when I was too old for most of the toys. My mom never had enough money for toy r us so we never went there as kids. But I always wanted to.

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