Top Tool Deals of the Week! (6/22/2020 #DoTDotW)

Top Tool Deals of the Week! (6/22/2020 #DoTDotW)

Milwaukee Tape Measuer:
Ryobi 18v Trimmer:
Ryobi 40V Trimmer:
CPO Summer Sale:
Onyx Nano Impact:
Liberty Smart Vault:
NT Sale:
NT Gearwrench 32pc set:
Ingersoll Rand: Coupon Code POPS20
DeWALT Brushless Combo:
Gearwrench wrench rack:
Gearwrench pliers:
Gearwrench Torx Sockets:
Gearwrench Screwdrivers:
Craftsman Bench:
Craftsman Bench Drawers:
Dremel 7.2V:
Craftsman 135pc tool set:
Craftsman 105pc tool set:
HF Gang Box tool:

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Ingersol Rand:
OLight Flashlights:
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Aftermarket Batteries:
2 Free Rentals from Redbox:

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  1. Co Rin 8 months ago

    Just checked (@1717, on 22 June 2020) CPO Tools website for the Dewalt DCS520T1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX 6-1/2 in. Cordless Track Saw Kit and despite what was stated in the video, CPO Tools does not include the track with this purchase.

  2. Antonio Claudio Michael 8 months ago

    That astro Pneumatic onyx 3/8 nano for 94 is a sweet price Eric O @SouthMainAutoRepairLLC uses that all the time its a beast I love mine Jeff @TheDenOfTools

  3. Antonio Claudio Michael 8 months ago

    Nice flexvolt tracksaw kit deal

  4. Antonio Claudio Michael 8 months ago

    Great video Red

  5. PaganWizard 8 months ago

    Just a quick FYI. I have been watching a lot of tool truck videos and there seems to be a common theme emerging among all of them. Milwaukee tools have been breaking, a lot, lately, especially their batteries, and it's not even taking a lot of force for them to break. In some cases, the batteries are becoming so loose in the tool, under normal use, no damage, that they no longer make contact, and the tool stops working. In many other cases, the tools and batteries are not surviving drops from low level heights without the plastic housing breaking. Here is a Matco dealer, who is not even a Milwaukee dealer talking about it, and his willingness to do the warranty leg work for his customers…….which is something he simply does not have to do. (not my video) You can watch the entire video, or jump to 12:50 where they are talking about this issue.

  6. Mclovin From hawaii 8 months ago

    Bought a Bosch brushless impact driver,its my first to construction only at it for a couple months

  7. KONAMAN Studio 8 months ago


  8. Joshua hains 8 months ago

    BOSCH’s rotary hammer drill bits and chisel bits are the best in the industry. I only use BOSCH

  9. Patrick T 8 months ago

    Bear do you think Harbor Freight will make a contractor table saw? The kind with a cast iron top, like a ridgid 4520.

  10. wdtone 8 months ago

    Love your channel. How do you get the coupons to show on the Harbor Freight website?

  11. Tom Tillman 8 months ago

    Your paws are looking a little bare, not bear.

  12. City Lock a polytechnikey llc company 8 months ago

    American Made ? "My Pillow" the company that plays tv commercials every 90 seconds on every channel network and cable……. expanding into towels. They might be the new "Cannon" textile company.

  13. PATTY 8 months ago

    I was hoping you were going to talk about snap on, matco or Mac tool deals. I'm not sure these tools are going to be pound for pound as good as those brands

  14. Perry G 8 months ago

    I'm kind of surprised you're a 5.11 guy, after their guy Tim endorsed gun control in that interview with Lance Armstrong

  15. DeFo Matt 8 months ago

    Lol, bear/bare tool

  16. Robert Bemister 8 months ago


  17. neo 71665 8 months ago

    Wal mart has one or 2 of them in stock means employees have the item hidden in the back and not gonna get it for you.
    Wal mart has ozark trail folding wagons cheaper than the one at HF

  18. Jim Davis 8 months ago

    Harbor frieght has a very nice solid bench with bottom shelf and 4 drawers for $149.99. watch it when it goes on sale for $114

  19. Jim Davis 8 months ago

    Ryobi 40 volt is great. I just ought the Ryobi 40 volt lawn mower for $189 at HD. Love it!!

  20. DrThunder88 8 months ago

    I was wondering what kind of cool gun stock or accessory was in the ad on BrickSeek at 16:20, but it turned out just to be a touching stick. Bit of a bummer.

  21. DrThunder88 8 months ago

    The 5.11 kilt was originally an April Fool's Day gag, but they realized how many of their customers will buy anything with "5.11" on it.

  22. Neil Popowitz 8 months ago

    I’m 215 lbs and those HF folding chairs are my favorite.

  23. ScreenTalker DotOrg 8 months ago

    !!! The Qbit version of that gang box cut out tool goes for $50 on Amazon. I’ve had it sitting in my cart for ages. Good find!

  24. Jerry Fowler 8 months ago

    Hey, how about doing a video on comparing small gas and multi-fuel generators for home emergency power. It is hurricane season and us coastal folks could benefit from it right now.

  25. hollywood21639 8 months ago

    A 4th of July sale at Horrible Freight, home of the least American products in the country. 😂😂

  26. Young Sot 8 months ago

    Great video

  27. Ryan Gorsuch 8 months ago

    Direct tools has the 40v trimmer for 111 I think

  28. Bobdodge 8 months ago

    Idk bout your HD here i don't buy clearance stuff they always have to call the manager to get it cleared.. And takes 10 minutes for his@$$ to make it to the register

  29. James Holbrook 8 months ago

    I had seen the single gang cut out but only at like $50 so that's a deal

  30. James Holbrook 8 months ago

    We have some Walmarts not far away with the dremel but I just don't know about a 7.2v dremel

  31. Journey of Awesome 8 months ago

    I just got back from Walmart looking for that Dremel. Their site said they have 3 at that location. The stock guy and I looked for about 30 minutes. No Dice Too bad because the Mrs would have used it for her nails and not give me crap. Then again, I would have probably needed to buy two.¯_(ツ)_/¯

  32. Davey51 8 months ago

    Great video as usual thank you !

  33. James Holbrook 8 months ago

    Ya our The Home Depot had some Bosch bits on clearance I picked up one of the auger wood bits for like half price or something

  34. Patrick plumber 8 months ago

    From what I understand if your power is out you can plug your generator into the 220 at the dryer and run power into the house at that point . Never done it my self and is dangerous especially if your house is still connected to the grid as a disclaimer only in extreme emergencies

  35. B L 8 months ago

    @5:49 IIRC, they can't advertise below a certain price in their deal with the manufacturer, so you have to see the price in cart as a work around.

  36. A Good Report 8 months ago

    Hey Red! You are one blessed bear….cubs and a ms. bear! This video was fantastic….subscribing now. Two things…if you look closely at the cut out box for the multi tool it has your bear silhouette. Also, I just started with Hercules cordless (cir saw and drill) I am a wood worker and would like to see a random orbit sander and trim router…you have any info on the future of cordless Hercules? Keep shining.

  37. marklarmcfizzlestaff 8 months ago

    I don't know if I qualify as a "full-sized grizzly" but I have become highly skeptical of supposed working loads on desk and lawn chairs over the years through personal experience. That supposed 250lb working load on the Harbor Freight chair tells me I should be more than fine, but the 2 different 300lb chairs that have broken under me in the past year alone tell me they are highly inaccurate or have no real meaning under normal chair use.

  38. cujoedaman 8 months ago

    Our Home Depot is clearancing the Bosch stuff… but like $.50-1 off… cheapskates. I hate finding clearance at our store, they put up these huge yellow tags and you're hoping to find a deal, then look at the price and it's only $3 off. I've seen the same clearance stuff sitting on their shelves for at least a year, maybe longer.

  39. Big D 8 months ago

    That box cutout attachment is a game changer!!! 😍

  40. Bruce Brown 8 months ago

    I've got one of those Craftsman work benches and hate it. It looks like they have changed the top since I bought mine so that's good. The old top was total junk. It was fine as long as it didn't get wet. But the biggest complaint I have about it is, it's TOO tall. The work surface is 41-1/2". I was a bit worried about it when I bought it but I keep saying it would be ok. It's not ok. It's way too tall to work on anything comfortably.

  41. Linas 8 months ago

    You rock bear!

  42. C Bob White 8 months ago

    If somebody needs a Oversized directors chair, check Wally World. They have one, oversized, steel frame Weight Capacity (lbs): 600

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