ToneLoc and BlueBEEP in DOSBox

Computer telephony programs have become uninspired and corporatized. Here are two programs that bring memories of when software was fun, telephony was cool, and when the two were combined, genuinely magical things happened.

Some sad news: After making a brief appearance here by commenting on this video as YouTube user “itsthemechanic,” Onkel Dittmeyer (real name: Stefan), creator of BlueBEEP, committed suicide in 2011. Though he will be most strongly missed by close friends and family, he’s also missed by people like me, who had some fond childhood memories of experiences with BlueBEEP, a program which, however briefly, brought something memorable to our lives. Rest in peace, Stefan.


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  1. Ryan Ries 3 months ago

    "He's probably a bit older now, assuming that he ages, which he probably does"

  2. R C 3 months ago

    Got here showing my offspring why we changed every f to a ph

  3. Marcus JM 3 months ago

    Download links anyone? I got DOSBox and know how to use it reasonably well, just need the links to the ToneLoc and BlueBEEP downloads pls

  4. Sefrasus 3 months ago

    oD, who was living in Hamburg Heimfeld at the time, visited me back in '93 or so, together with a friend, screaming "we want to sing you a song" ('wir wollen dir ein Liedchen singen') through the doorphone. That was a glimpse of what was to come. Once upstairs in my appartment, he proceeded to open cupboards and drawers everwhere, looking what was inside, and was kind of a PITA. He was smart, but obviously a deeply troubled kid. Even had to get his middle school graduation at a later time, he just couldn't cope with any kind of authority and was completely chaotic – he actually had to scrape together the BlueBEEP source code with a disk editor once, because the file system was trashed and he didn't have a backup. Anyway, sad to read he didn't make it in the end. 🙁
    p.s. the post here was very likely from him, I googled his full name and found a LinkedIn profile with the same avatar he used here.

  5. Robert Gowdey 3 months ago

    Defcon voicebridge.  Tons of wasted hours.

  6. Simon K 3 months ago

    It was all in the numbers 2600/2400 hz 🙂 when used with 3 way calling this gave the ability to hack multi lines and join together now that was fun! Hotel California famous chat system where we all used to hang out, cyberspace rocked back then as did all the bulletin boards. We were the true hackers of our time without doubt.

  7. UXXV 3 months ago

    Wow memories! From memory the scanning part of BlueBeep wasnt the same as Toneloc in that it didnt use the modem, it just altered the pattern you were scanning. I had a Meeko box hooked up to my PC with a reset toggle Id press to disconnect the line therefor with BlueBeep I would just sit and press Enter (I think) for it to dial say 0131-540-XXXX starting at 0000 and going up to 9999. Far quicker than Toneloc.

  8. NOOBNUT08 3 months ago

    I know DOSBox can borrow a physical serial port from the host computer its running on, then it can talk to a real modem. I Used this method one time with Doom and Command and Conquer for old times sake.

  9. FAID 3 months ago

    hacking/computers started all with captain crunch, phone phreaking, free calls to and one you wanted anywhere of the the world the cave men of hack/cracking

  10. garryS 3 months ago


  11. LateBlt 3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure it is him. I added a note to the video description about it.

  12. Rodrigo Marino 3 months ago

    I wonder what happened with Onkel Dittmeyer, Bluebeep creator. I don`t think the guy below is him.

  13. LateBlt 3 months ago

    It brings back memories for me too! Thanks for working on this awesome program which was a part of my youth growing up.

  14. Speedbrake Aviation 3 months ago

    Thanks for posting this! Minor Threat here… boy does that bring back memories.

  15. Tom P. 3 months ago

    i used to have a lot of fun with toneloc in the early 90s. especially with the feature that lets you tag certain calls as being "Girl" or "Jerk on the phone" or "Weird sound". I made a map of the 604 area code and found lots of strange and interesting carriers mostly in the 68x exchange which is mostly downtown vancouver

  16. LateBlt 3 months ago

    @SchlossRitter To be honest, I'm not sure about DOSBox and real modems; I don't think it would work. DOSBox does emulate modems, but it actually translates the traffic into Internet TCP/IP traffic instead of sending it to an actual hardware modem.

  17. Ice World 3 months ago

    @LateBlt hey im i get it oepn in dos can i use my mobile phone to as a modem to toneloc? i dont have a telephone line 🙁

  18. Ice World 3 months ago

    hey i got window xp i almost got it juz need help with the config file creating and by the way can i use my mobile phone with tone loc as i aint got telephone line ?

  19. LateBlt 3 months ago

    @moshg Both of those are DOS programs that access the hardware fairly directly, and as such will not run well in Windows. If they're not working for you, I suggest getting programs for Windows, or running them in true DOS mode (which would require a pre-NT Windows).

  20. Ice World 3 months ago

    hey there could you help get toneloc or thc scan to run on my windos i cant get it to run

  21. LateBlt 3 months ago

    Awesome! Thanks for making such a great piece of software. 🙂 I enjoyed your trucking videos, they have some beautiful views of the European countryside. Tschüs!

  22. doomayam 3 months ago

    Funky Cold Medina?

  23. Alexandre David 3 months ago

    That reminds me: a little under 20 years ago, a friend of mine had to sell his stereo amp to pay for a $1,000 fine to Bell Canada for blue boxing using TouchTerm on the C64 (great terminal program back then). You put the phone mic on top of the monitor (where the speaker was) and TouchTerm would play an impressive stream of super loud dialtones.

    That was when logging on to U.S. 0-DAY-WAREZ BBSes was still considered worth bragging about, of course. 🙂

  24. Alexandre David 3 months ago

    ToneLoc was a great piece of software for finding Joshua and nearly starting a global thermonuclear war.

    Ah, those were the days. 🙂

  25. Viper Xeon 3 months ago

    To be honest, I didn't understand half of the content in this video, but interesting none the less.

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