Tim's Top Ten RPG Covers & Box Tops (What Are Yours?)

What are your ten favorite RPG book & box top covers? Feel free to list them below in the comments or make a video response or blog post.

1. NWOD Changeling: the Lost
2. Rolemaster Spell Law
3. Lord of the Rings Adventure Game
5. MERP Citadel: Minas Tirith
6. LotFP: Deluxe Edition
7. Vampire: the Masquerade
8. LotFP: A Red & Pleasant Land
9. Tekumel: The Book of Ebon Bindings
10. AD&D PHB

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  1. LowTech Gamer 7 months ago

    Shadowrun 2nd edition had an awesome cover

  2. Eric from Bloat Games 7 months ago

    Hey Tim, here is my video response:

    Have a great day!

  3. an12cub 7 months ago

    Great idea!

  4. David Nash 7 months ago

    I can't help but love the cover and art in general of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. its not the most technically good art of course but I just like the retro look of it.

  5. T.J. Rush 7 months ago

    Love Angus McBride's artwork!

  6. Mega moo 7 months ago

    I liked all of the Rolemaster covers, they always planted the seeds for adventures in my mind. Also Clyde Caldwell's Cover for R1- Ravenloft is a classic. Probably my favorite is Dave Sutherland's cover of the first edition Monster Manual, its crude and amateurish, but it perfectly sums up RPGs in 1979, those were golden days that I wish I could recapture.

  7. woodwwad 7 months ago

    interesting choices.

  8. Drudenfusz 7 months ago

    Nice video, if I ever get myself to make videos, then this is one I think I would like to do.

  9. Dan Morgan 7 months ago

    Runequest 3rd Edition has one of the best covers I've seen for any RPG.

  10. Onionkid99 7 months ago

    I never had that 1st edition D&D book with the idol, but I always thought that was a great and evocative cover. Reminds you of Conan. My favorite is probbaly the original Dark Sun boxed set. Red martian landscape, two moons, brutish heroes and monsters with obsidian and bone weapons. It's be the amazing artist, Brom and looks like some of the older Barsoom novel covers.

  11. Bankbar Como 7 months ago

    i'd like to do a VR….if I can get behind the mic for a while, it's been hard to lately.

  12. Warren Randall 7 months ago

    Good job and pretty sweet Tim.

  13. Doomed One 7 months ago

    AD&D PHB cover art in comparison to the 5e PHB cover art really reflects a change in how the game is currently viewed in relation to the past. I think LOTFP has great art especially zak's unique and refreshing ascetic style.

  14. Jerry McDonnell 7 months ago

    I think the most ingenious covers ever made are on the rulebooks from the original Paranoia boxed set. Individually they are not much to look at, but then you start to piece things together and this picture of a Catch-22 resolves and it just so perfectly captures the nature of the game.

  15. Mittierim 7 months ago

    Great video. A lot of those covers are awesome and the vast majority of them are from products I've never even seen before so, I enjoyed that very much. I will attempt to get a response video up in the next day or so.

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