The Wedding Singer Review – Abominations In Technicolor

On this week’s episode Rex Overdrive gives us a taste of the new release Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and for our main topic we review The Wedding Singer starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

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  1. TakatofanAgain 10 months ago

    So sorry, I promise this will be the last comment! But! Did you ever see Benchwarmers? I don't remember most of it, but I saw it in the theatre, and there were outtakes, and John Lovitz says, "He's losing his mind…. and I'm reaping all the benifits…. Sorry I just love that line from another movie I did." "What movie??" "…The wedding singer!" XD But when I saw it on TV later it was cut out. Guess they didn't like the promotion. D: But it was the best part of the movie!

  2. TakatofanAgain 10 months ago

    Sorry for the second comment, but, I actually did read that it WAS Chris Farley!! They had been done filming for a while, but he was uncredited.

  3. TakatofanAgain 10 months ago

    My mom worked in a theater when this came out, (Small town, only two screens) and I would go with her, and just watch movies all day. This movie single-handedly got me obsessed with the 80s for many many years. Still love 80s music. Still one of my two favorite movies. If you ever get bored, you can google and find the original script online. I've read it, and it's VERY interesting. It's the pretty much the same story, but very different. A few extra beats, Robbie getting a job at a music store, but it seems like it was a little more serious in tone, and the script is very different. Infact the very first line in the script that was exactly like it was in the movie was "Robbie Hart? Oh man, I remember what happened at your wedding that was so cold! You must have felt like shit!" Which was already a good bit into the movie. It's an interesting read if you were curious and had the time, But I'm glad they made the changes. Also they have song predictions in the script, also very interesting. If I remember correctly, only one or two made it into the movie. (The opening song was supposed to be Rock Lobster…. Which I love, but, Yeah, we needed You Spin Me Round!!)

  4. Gaming Postman 10 months ago

    I really had fun watching this video, I hope that other people are just as entertained when they watch one of my own video's.

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