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The Best Budget Earbuds Under $30? Sony MDR-XB50AP Review

This is the Sony MDR-XB50AP. A pair of just ordinary ear buds. At least, they look that way on the surface. I mean, earbuds we get with our phones are good enough right? Well, what if those break? You’re dead. No more music. What a sad life. Well. These cost as much as a brand new pair of ear pods. We’re here to find out, whether this is a great budget pair of earbuds deserving of replacing your phone’s earbuds or deserve to be in the trash. Let’s get started with a review.

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When you open the packaging, you’re greeted with a few things, the earbuds themselves, a nice fleece feeling carrying pouch and some different sized ear tips. The earbuds have an L shaped 3.5mm jack and a flat ribbon like cord. The design of the earbuds themselves is interesting.. It really reminds of a dyson vacuum or their hair dryer. it has this metallic disc tumor thing, which adds to the design that I have mixed feelings about, inline controls, a built-in mic for calls and comes in a couple of colors. Still, just like those Dysons…

The earbuds fit nicely in my ears, I don’t feel any discomfort with two hours of continuous usage. This may sound weird, but I like the feeling of the cable. It feels smooth to touch but has tiny little ridges in them to make them a little less slippery. It also has that little zipper-like thing to help prevent tangles which is a nice extra. The pouch it comes with is a nice addition to keep dirt and lint from your pocket from getting into the earbuds and then into your ear. That’d be disgusting. But they’re not going to protect the buds much from a fall.

Woah, woah. Enough about that? How do they sound? Well, they sound really good for $30. The bass is really emphasized as expected from the bass boosted packaging, the mids sound pretty clean and the bass really makes songs exciting. The in-ear nature of the earbuds provides good noise isolation and there’s not too much sound leakage coming from them either. Overall, when comparing them at the same volume tick mark as apple earpods, these XB50Aps are louder.

Now that’s a few good things about the earbuds, what about the bad? Well, for one, the highs are overcompensating. The highs feel sharp like a blade, with really harsh “s” sounds, making that the weakest link the sound. While the bass is emphasized it isn’t super clean, just average. About on par with earpods but louder at similar volumes. A previous pair of these my girlfriend owned, had the metallic looking plastic disc chipp after a couple of months of usage, but that may be her own error and the earbuds themselves died after about a year of heavy usage. But honestly? A year of heavy usage sounds normal, at least for how I treat earbuds anyway.

Now overall, what do I think of these earbuds? I think they’re great. They are constantly $30 dollars, and costs as much as ear pods yet provide an overall cleaner and better sound despite its sharp highs. It provides great sound for those looking to replace the earbuds that came with their phones. And if you don’t mind that dyson inspired design and love a bass focused sound, then I’d highly recommend these. They’re affordable and sound like they’re worth more than just $30.

Anyway guys, what do you think? Do you agree what this pick? Do you have earbuds that you swear by? Leave all that in the comment section below. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up, and well don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll see you guys next time.

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  1. Ivanski 8 months ago

    bass? i havent found bass at all…. in my phone i adjust it and then were ok… but out of box – no

  2. Metal Sanaz 8 months ago

    lol your video…. you are good! funny too… thanks

  3. Qdysseus 8 months ago

    what is that Sony speaker thing called that the earbuds are on at 3:18?

  4. Purevkhuu Tumen-Ulzii 8 months ago

    Good review!

  5. A D 8 months ago

    My mic broke today after just over 14 months of use. Anything over a year is a win in my books considering the amount i use mine. Picking up a new pair soon for sure!

  6. justaman 8 months ago

    I have been using these for almost 5 years and these are still working and built like a tank.

  7. Mattias 8 months ago

    I bought these, wouldnt exactly reccomend them, their buzz/static is severe, I would instead reccomend Panasonic earbuds instead, their buzz is much less noticable and only cost $9

  8. Mattias 8 months ago

    how is the audio visual sync?

  9. Steph Intheatre 8 months ago

    I bought mine today, I think they sound awesome, and comfortable to wear.

  10. AmericanPatriot1776 8 months ago

    Honestly, my AKG earbuds that came with my S9+ are really good. Probably better than any other earbud I've tried, and many times better than the $160 airpods….

    Edit: you can buy them right now on Amazon for $13

  11. Chur8um 8 months ago

    I love these but they broke because I bite on my earphone cords

  12. William B 8 months ago

    Useful review, thanks

  13. AshFX 8 months ago


  14. quackTUBER 007 8 months ago

    I just subbed cuz your the best

  15. Im Orkan 8 months ago

    can’t wait for my dog to chew them up after 2 days of owing them

  16. daniel 8 months ago

    i play rainbow six siege, its an fps game and i currently use a hyperx cloud 2 headsets and im looking for earbuds. r6 needs clean sound so u can hear the footsteps and other tiny detailed sounds, so is this worth it? or i should check for something else

  17. Levian & Z Nachtschatten 8 months ago

    This guy is funny i like it

  18. Naytowl 8 months ago

    It may be budget earbuds there, but in my country it's pretty high quality. 😛

  19. Peggy Personal 8 months ago

    It seems all quality earphones are in-ear… my ears are too small for them lol

  20. TheOctoberDeathBird 8 months ago

    Great review! Love my new extra Bass!

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