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T1 vs SP Highlights ALL GAMES LCK Summer Season 2020 W4D2 T1 vs SeolHaeOne Prince by Onivia

T1 vs SP Highlights ALL GAMES LCK Summer Season 2020 W4D2 T1 vs SeolHaeOne Prince by Onivia
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  1. LA 2000 8 months ago

    I wish lck was boring again….. so I don't have to hear LS screaming

  2. UwU LoL 8 months ago

    6:35 SP ban Nunu Mid OMEGALUL

  3. HOU KUAN CHOI 8 months ago

    Still waiting for faker to pop that nunu mid

  4. Truong Nguyen Duc Duy Truong Nguyen Duc Dug 8 months ago

    Canna is monster

  5. Marcos Boadas 8 months ago

    LOL 0:28 Don't u sell that support?? i want to buy one like that!!! A BIG BIG LOL

  6. Shaun Espiritu 8 months ago

    Hey lets not ban teddy kalista. Seriously?

  7. Games FTW 8 months ago

    Shame faker didn't Play Nunu, that was basically all he was playing these past few days

  8. Dreadnought 8 months ago

    Would be cool if they can give 4 slot for LCK

  9. jamesdelajungla 8 months ago

    Did hybrid play?

  10. Angel Merchan 8 months ago

    Mickey Tilt. Xd

  11. Memari97 8 months ago

    Cannot understand how Wukong is not permabanned

  12. Ra Re 8 months ago

    No Nunu xD

  13. Bhraaz Kashyap 8 months ago

    Speed incarnate

  14. Lebron TheGOd 8 months ago

    The Buff of Wukong is Serious !!!!

    Why can't Riot do this to UDYR!!!

  15. R GS 8 months ago

    I am speed

  16. dionisis t 8 months ago


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