Stellaris:Apocalypse 3000 Years Timelapse [4k 60Fps]

Timelapse 2200AD to 5200AD

Version: 2.0.2 Beta

Song: Stellaris: Faster Than Light

Here’s how I created this timelapse:
1. Start a game with the desired settings
2. Open the console, enter “observe”
3. Use Open Broadcaster Studio to record the galaxy with the desired FPS value – I’ve been using something between 1/2 and 1/5 fraction FPS values (so 1 picture every 3 seconds for instance)
4. Import the resulting files to GoPro Studio, play those 0.33 FPS with 60 FPS – thus speeding it up significantly
5. Adjust some speed settings to scale up over time since the game will slow down as the game progresses


Used Mods:
At first I only had following mods activated:
– Hyperlane Transpararency Lite
– Thinner Borders
– Enigmatic Fortress Fix 2.0

Later I forgot to turn off following mods from my singleplayer games, resulting in slightly buggy – but pretty entertaining crisis!
– Dynamic Political Events
– Immersive Empire Names
– Multiple Crisis
– War Name Variety

There were occasional crashes of either OBS or Stellaris, thus here and there we are missing a few years.

All initial races were designed so that it’s AI personalities match their name. Playing on large (800 Star) map, ring-shaped.

Overall, 90h of footage has been used.

At the end there were almost 1500 pops of Xenophobic Isolationists inhabiting the galaxy.

Here are some savegames of this timelapse:


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  1. Indigener Ureinwohner 8 months ago

    "xenophobic isolationists" 😀

  2. Wilson 8 months ago

    what difficulty was it

  3. Jinomitsu 8 months ago

    I really just wish people would show some creativity. Every video I watch has stock only empires like this is Civilization. Why is no one customizing the crap out of their game? I have 12 unique empires and NEVER use stock.

  4. Jinomitsu 8 months ago

    Your empires fall??

  5. Dr. Hartman 8 months ago

    How come those empires lose systems? I’ve never seen that happen in my games

  6. Самый Обычный Лани 8 months ago

    Однозначно одна из моих любимых игр, столько сюжетов можно создать лишь из одной партии..

  7. Vladimir Chaykovsky 8 months ago

    We are bugs

  8. Test Tube 8 months ago

    Just got hit with my first Contingency. I only had 4 fleets of about 70k power each, and they were coming at me with 200k fleets backed up with 80k escorts. I ended up throwing all my fleets at just one of their planets and got annihilated.
    I'm not very good at 4x games yet..

  9. Setsuna Kochiya 8 months ago

    dont know what the little kingdom at the top are doing XD

  10. omega con4 8 months ago

    Stellaris game AI is crap. That is why the empires remain static for the longest time on this time lapse.

  11. Imperial One 8 months ago

    Is this in game song? I’ve never heard it with someone singing

  12. Martin Rößner 8 months ago

    Stupid question: what's up with the AI giving up systems and leaving them unclaimed for periods of time?

    Don't eat me, I'm a noob 😀

  13. BB B 8 months ago

    we are the primitive species in stellaris they watching us.

  14. TVfhilthy Alexis 8 months ago

    Poor metalheads

  15. Fajar Azka 8 months ago

    Bottom Faction : chill with faster than light song

  16. MaouLaw 8 months ago

    Men… Life is so meaningless

  17. Unknown Ender 8 months ago

    I didn't expect lyrics in the music

  18. Simbach Vazo 8 months ago

    1:40 I know this is off topic but since when where there vocals??? Console gang is lacking man.

  19. David Wartorious Beck 8 months ago

    This really is epic 🙂

  20. 果冻邦邦 8 months ago

    CCCP ×
    CCP √

  21. Voronec 8 months ago

    Что происходит с северным- серым кланом? Почему у них территории пропадают, хотя на них не нападают?

  22. Nero Elred 8 months ago


  23. Bruno Martins 8 months ago

    2:30 Unbidden blinking.

  24. Aeco 8 months ago

    The music is the cities skylines cities radio channel

  25. SGT Caleb 8 months ago

    Everyone Be Gangsta Until Mid/End Game Crisis Comes

  26. Mike Bergland 8 months ago

    Just picked up the game! Quite the learning curve and I love it so far! Anyone know what the music is thou?

  27. LightningFastStudios 8 months ago

    I wonder if the Federation Builders ever did manage to build that federation…

  28. Blagg Zear 8 months ago

    Simply AWESOME!

  29. Rebecca K 8 months ago

    Why nothing happenin in the bulge?

  30. Filip Okleštěk 8 months ago

    how exactly did you manage to play 3 k years in this game ? I am 350 in and its a turnbased game 15 mins a year , btw rig is high end game is broken now 🙁 nice playthrough tho 🙂

  31. Digital Assassin 8 months ago

    why was this recommended to me, I have no idea what is going on. I thought this would be an astrophysics timelapse over the span of 3000 years…lame

  32. A.R Rx 8 months ago

    Xenophobic isolationist…… mmmmh…. they looks like the the Empire of Mankind in WarHammer 40k x)

  33. 00Gambit 8 months ago

    3:08 COVID-19 has entered the chat…

  34. frostling 8 months ago

    really cool to watch the crisis take over for a bit then get pushed back. I would like to know what is the background music?

  35. N E C C 8 months ago

    I love how the Xenophobic Isolationists were almost wiped out but then they became probably the strongest galactic power at the end.

  36. Andrew Myers 8 months ago

    Funny that the federation builders spawn next to the Honorbound warriors, Hegemonic Imperialists, Driven Assimilators, and Fanatical Purifiers. Reminds me of something…

  37. Simone Pietrini 8 months ago

    Stars in the sky

    Floating in darkness

    Soon I will fly

    Faster than Light

    See through my eyes

    Time standing down

    Onward to space

    Engines Stand By

    Senseless of time

    Nebula's blurring

    Lights flashing by

    Worlds Unknown

    Imminent approach

    Sensors reacting

    Anon I'm through

    Faster Than Light

    Suddenly stop

    Readings come in

    Nothing in sight

    Sun glowing bright

    Stars in my view

    Floating in darkness

    Soon I'll go through

    Faster than Light

  38. biggee316 8 months ago

    I like the original score without the vocals…

  39. BelRoi 8 months ago

    at 4:25, why the red one lost so many systems? How can nobody have these systems?

  40. Hanif Rijaalul Aan 8 months ago

    rise and fall of soviet union colorized

  41. Michael Porter 8 months ago

    Half the Universe conquered by machines. News at 11.

  42. Wait that's illegal 8 months ago

    The end of Stellaris, but the beggining of Rimworld.

  43. いのうぇい 8 months ago


  44. Eater of Worlds With a Fancy Hat 8 months ago

    Contingency: Skidaddle Skidoodle your Galaxy is now a noodle

  45. Александр Овечкин 8 months ago

    Space Rangers OST 👍👍👍👍

  46. Mohannad_Subbah 8 months ago

    FTL ost, very good choice to show up such interesting events in 3000 years. Actually, if u think about it, it's very tiny chunk of time comparing to universe cycle. I'd like to have more stories about the shroud and fallen empires that collapsed on itself. That's what I love about Stellaris.

  47. Ryuuk 8 months ago

    I love these time lapses but I also get annoyed with them at the same time as I have a tendency to get just sit and focus on one point then realized I had missed what was going on everywhere else. at the very least it means I have reason to watch the video multiple times.

  48. Eric Blade 8 months ago


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