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Sony Xperia E5 Review

The Xperia E5 seems stronger than ever, with significantly better hardware compared to its predecessor in essentially every area: design, display, power-crunching, and even imaging. On paper, it’s a worthy successor…

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  1. vinod kumar 10 months ago

    Just now I bought Sony Xperia e5 and watching these. Phone feels cute and great. #Brand makes you feel comfort.

  2. Mohamed Yassin 10 months ago

    Got nfc, will it work with Google pay?!

  3. Mirza Hussnain 10 months ago

    3 years plus and it's still in my hand. Awesome phone I ever bought.

  4. Ангелчо Николов 10 months ago


  5. Ashley De Mey 10 months ago

    my e5 broke today

  6. Ysterperd Gaming 10 months ago

    i got this phone in 2016 and now its 2019 and i still love this phone so much it work like a new phone still only problem is the firmware i can fix with a android update to android 8.0

  7. odue 10 months ago

    Im watching with e5 but its bad phone

  8. Алексей Михайлов 10 months ago

    I have myn for a year now I like it but it heats up so fast but everything else is good

  9. legends 10 months ago

    Quite a good phone. I had it for a month, no complaints

  10. Ajmal Aju 10 months ago

    How to mirror In sony Xperia e5

  11. eididofof 10 months ago

    Българин ли си?

  12. Edd Edy 10 months ago

    Guys with english like this should be banned from existence

  13. Oliver 10 months ago

    this is all bullshit

  14. Moe Flyy 878 10 months ago

    Too thick

  15. Justin England 10 months ago

    Great video, thank you

  16. Sean James 10 months ago

    Whilst a great budget phone, Sony has a very poor reputation for supporting upgrades for it's lower-end devices such as the "E" series to the latest Android versions. This phone would most likely see it being stuck at Marshmellow, pretty much like it's predecessor E4 which is stuck on KitKat 4.4.4 due to lack of driver support from MediaTek.

  17. Cheddar Cheese 10 months ago

    I'm watching this on my Sony Xperia E5

  18. Chaw Delgado 10 months ago

    do not buy
    poor battery life
    heats up quickly esp watching videos
    i regret it!

  19. Ryan White 10 months ago

    Pretty good phone, except the keyboard sucks and the audio quality is awful.

  20. dona the dog 10 months ago

    can it do VR?

  21. Sean Moses 10 months ago

    I have this phone but black

  22. kat devona 10 months ago

    I have this phone and its terrible can someone tell me why?

  23. Ariana and Parker 10 months ago

    I might be able to get this phone for Xmas. It looks amazing!!!!!!

  24. zetox 10 months ago

    The Sony c4 is 150 buck on amazon and it wayyyy beter

  25. Fire 10 months ago

    I fkn hate this phone
    The batteri is pathetic
    It's Slow as fuck
    The laging is out of the fucking map
    And it freezes randomly
    For exempel My Experia E5 froze an hour ago i got the option to restart it
    Huge fucking mistake btw becuse it's been restarting for a fucking hour!!!!!!!
    It's just fucking stuck at the Experia starting screen!!!
    Fuck My life 😀

  26. Bryan Hannaford 10 months ago

    You covered a lot of subjects but for someone like me who is new to it I couldn't follow you very well.  It will be ok in time I expect.

  27. Dale Mapplethorpe 10 months ago

    i have 4 phones currently : samsung s7 – samsung s4 – samsung s3 – xperia e5 and the e5 is one of the worst out of them because the display is delayed by a noticable amount and the screen just feels cheap but then again it is the budget series i guess… the samsung's screens all are not delayed and all the screens are very good feeling….

  28. canal dos serumaninhos 10 months ago

    moço da esse smartphone pra mimm???

  29. lucas macedo concha 10 months ago

    Does it have gyroscope?

  30. Music & Edits 10 months ago

    How does Asphalt 8 latest version run?

  31. Luis Duran 10 months ago

    anyone use ps4 remote play app on e5?

  32. Fabbe 10 months ago

    Sony xperia xa vs e5

  33. SolarCharger 073 10 months ago

    Can somebody tell me if the battery good is

  34. randomuploadsism 10 months ago

    should i buy this phone? I'm upgrading from…….. iphonr 4s! 3 happy years baby!

    i have a macbook and ive only had apple phones before, but i want a cheap phone with a good camera!

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