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Sony Xperia E5 review: Xperia on a budget

Our Sony Xperia E5 review takes a close look at this budget Xperia mobile phone’s camera, performance, battery life and more, to see how it compares to other budget mobiles and the Sony Xperia XA.

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  1. Vaughn Clarin 3 months ago

    That's my phone I'm using this today

  2. Avivit Avata 3 months ago

    Lol i have this phone

  3. Tauriq Afrika 3 months ago

    guy sounds errogant

  4. giorgi davituri 3 months ago

    3:24 name of the game please

  5. Darren C 3 months ago

    I just grabbed one of these and i have to say once its setup (properly) its actually quite a nice phone, bright screen, nice battery life, good android experience, (easy to transfer all your data too). The camera needed tweaking a bit, but overall not bad. The only weird thing was the bloat ware, it is a 16 gig phone with 10 gigs already used, quite surprised there. Overall for every day stuff, was worth the price and it came with a screen protector on it already.

    Edit Update: with research I found It is possible to remove the bloatware without root. I used the ADB shell program and enabled usb debugging to remove the factory apps that you cant uninstall. (the antivirus, docs, sheets, facebook, kobo books etc)

    Be aware though this method is classed as a soft root, which means you are removing the programs from the current user only. If you HARD RESET the phone, the programs will be restored from the original rom. It has no impact on the phone and you can still receive ota updates. Use app inspector to get the names of each item you want to remove. I would caution you only to remove the bloatware and nothing else.

    Overall for everyday use the phone is fine. Also if you buy direct you get a two year warranty rather than 1 year. I also got a ten pound gift voucher when I purchased it. So super deal all round. Additionally it's more expensive on amazon and you only get one year warranty with it, avoid 3rd party dealers you will pay more, I shopped around and got a better deal. Second hand versions were retailing for more than buying it new! I gave the phone 4/5 ✨ simply marked down because of the bloatware.

  6. Jack Mac 3 months ago

    Good review!!

  7. ManLikeAce 3 months ago

    Shoutout David Beckham.

  8. Henry's VIDEO GAMING CHANNEL 3 months ago

    Great review! Just bought this phone as an early birthday present for my dad. This is his first smartphone ever so im hoping it does the job. We're a Sony Xperia family now.

  9. Paul Tom 3 months ago

    3:51 no superior auto choice?

  10. StevoKint 101 3 months ago

    He's wrong about no camera shutter button you can change the sound bars to shutter button in the camera app and when you exit it's back to normal

  11. manboobs 3 months ago

    so far i found it to be shit it keeps freezing

  12. lev en 3 months ago

    should I get this or the xa

  13. Marko Djordjevic 3 months ago

    Bro, e5 or moto g3 16gb? Tnx

  14. stacukadsamtakav brzo 3 months ago

    expuria E5 or huawei y6 II compact

  15. Jose Severino 3 months ago

    I am from brazil vou comprar um desse

  16. ext2 3 months ago

    Lol the thumbnail says xxperia

  17. Ivana Petrovic 3 months ago

    Is e5 water resistant

  18. Cash Shew 3 months ago

    what movie is that?

  19. Marija Matesic 3 months ago

    does it have a screen mirroring?

  20. Cinder Wonders 3 months ago

    htc 530 or xperia e5?? please reply fast gonna buy one now

  21. Martin 3 months ago

    whats the best phone for £100? just for internet and YT.

  22. victorio82 3 months ago

    who use phone to do good photos
    ehhh to get dissent photo you need nikon or cannon camera not a phone

  23. Daniel Marrs-Gant 3 months ago

    Is this better value than the LG K8? You can get it sim-free for £99 at John Lewis Uk

  24. Vladimir Narancic 3 months ago

    that the name of this movie?

  25. IDRXOPP s 3 months ago

    Is Sony Xperia e5 bad or good am buying tomorrow please tell me is good or bad

  26. نسككشو مي 3 months ago

    In thumbnail it says "XXPERIA E5" not XPERIA E5

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