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Sony XB501G Review – Its Sounds Much Better Than The Sony XB41

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I think Sony has been recently killing it with their headphones. Their 1000XM3’s are currently the best ANC headphones on the market and their WH-CH700N are a really good pair of budget friendly headphones packed with a lot of features. But their speakers on the other hand could use some work. Namely, their Audio clarity could be better and their Software and Wireless Party Chain feature could be more stable. So let’s see what the new Sony XB501G is all about.

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  1. Nepal Natures 10 months ago

    Xb 41 play only 4hrs with full volume light and extra bass. Sony lie that 24hrs battery life.

  2. Марат Мамедов 10 months ago

    Love xb 501g

  3. TheBig AsianBrother 10 months ago

    Maybe srs xb 501g vs srs xb 43?

  4. bushhunter12 10 months ago

    I just leave this speaker plugged in as I don’t move it, I just use it as a home speaker

  5. bushhunter12 10 months ago

    I like when the speaker shakes my room because of the sub

  6. Zukes454327 10 months ago

    I bought the xb501g about a week ago and noticed the other day that one stage battery life was at 60% turned it off and then tried to turn it back on the following morning and it was dead so had to charge it up again!

    I have read some other comments where some people had the same issue so not too sure if this is a common thing or if it's just a faulty unit??

  7. S V M 10 months ago

    is it possible to pair a xb501 with another xb501?

  8. Richard 10 months ago

    JBL Boombox still is the best

  9. wastedWIFI 10 months ago

    The Sony's sound so nasally lol. JBL has more punch but idk if its muddy irl

  10. Macbrebonicks 10 months ago

    This speaker doesn’t hold charge very well when not in use.

  11. pfire Burgess 10 months ago

    Hi, I need help setting up my srs-xb402g extra bass speaker. can you help?

  12. Art1 10 months ago

    Hello. Maybe you know solution. I have problem with battery in my sony
    xb501. When speaker is turned off the battery starting low. For example –
    at the morning battery has full charged. After 9h battery was arleady
    about 20% and speaker still turned off all time.

  13. Kenny Sanchez 10 months ago

    So are you saying this speaker wouldn’t be able to pair up with a Sony GTX-XB60?

  14. bergal 10 months ago

    I am considering buying a Sony speaker but am stuck on which one I should purchase. Would the XB501G or the XB60 be better in sound?

  15. Global REI Delta 1 10 months ago

    JBL got that bassssss but that bitch to bigggggggg and doofy

  16. Global REI Delta 1 10 months ago

    I'm buying 2 fuck that I own the 41 2xs I need this 501

  17. AwesomeByrd 10 months ago

    No AUX jack = no purchase for me.

  18. cacadodo666 10 months ago

    What is that sspectrum analyzer on the left during the comaprisons?

  19. AwesomeByrd 10 months ago

    In my experience with owning the newer xb32 the sound quality and bass only sound good up to 65% volume. Passed that it seems to disable some of the bass and the quality gets worse.

  20. Ernesto Pizarro 10 months ago

    Better if include mic input so that u cn enjoy karaoke.

  21. Global REI Delta 1 10 months ago

    501G issssss dumbbbbbbbb loudeeeeeerrrr I'm buying 2

  22. Global REI Delta 1 10 months ago

    JBL is more bass and louder buy that shit is big as fuckkkkk

  23. Global REI Delta 1 10 months ago

    I'll take 6 hours I'll buy 2 so it's 12 hours

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