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Sony MDR XB50BS Extra Bass Wireless Earphones Review

We Review the Wireless Extra Bass Sports Earphones from Sony the MDR XB50BS Bluetooth Wireless Earphones. If you want to buy the Sony MDR XB50BS Click Here:
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  1. Chulaka Somarathna 6 months ago

    Don't buy if you are Bass lover .this is not good as people say

  2. fazal majeed 6 months ago

    I have been using it for almost 2 years.

    1. Excellent Sound quality
    2. Punchy bass
    3. Good sound isolation
    4. Powerful sound
    5. Button control
    6. Easy to pair
    7. Good battery life

    1. Looks bulky on ears
    2. Short wire between L and R
    3. Hurts ear after long hours due to bulkier earphone
    4. Bad call quality
    5. Ignorable sound latency for videos.
    6. Not at all suitable for gaming(PUBG & COD)

    If you are a bass lover then you would love it.

  3. Farooq Ali 6 months ago

    My same handphones are not connecting my phone and they are not appearing on Bluetooth

  4. edo brca 6 months ago

    How connect

  5. MIBZ 6 months ago

    Which is best jblt110bt or Sony xb50

  6. jun tj 6 months ago

    im more of the person who dont sweat in the gym. as a matter of fact whats up with these sweaty gym goers?

  7. Vurtivus 6 months ago

    How do you charge them

  8. swapnil prasad 6 months ago

    does it have audio latency

  9. Anthony Rustrian 6 months ago

    I remember back then i think, I forgot. Sony had earphones with a bass box in the back that work with a AA battery. Any body know the model number?

  10. Vivek vardhan 6 months ago

    Does it have magnetic pair

  11. Raman sharma 6 months ago

    is this better then as600s sony in terms of loudness bass and treble ?

  12. rajnish tiwari 6 months ago

    Sir does it have aptx ?

  13. Satya Rvv 6 months ago

    How is calls voice clarity?

  14. Muhibbur Rahman 6 months ago

    Does it have noise cancellation?

  15. mareks 6 months ago

    Definitely recommend Sony, awesome bass, alot better than I expected, sound quality excellent for small bluetooth in ear headphones, not tested battery life yet

  16. Sathish Guitarist 6 months ago

    Beats or Sony which is better in pumping punchy smooth bass?????
    Any suggestions?

  17. Excalibur 6 months ago

    No one buy these i were about to buy the 2 pack on amazon for 100 dollars But after much research the build quality is complete shit. Buttons will fall off after like 3 uses. Complete joke from sony..

  18. claudees 6 months ago

    I bought Sony mdr xb50bs and it's great. Cost me CAD 40 and no regret.

  19. Julián Buriticá 6 months ago

    Does these headphones can be charged via ps4 by USB ? Or another charging source that does not mean a computer?

  20. Harfull Singh Rathod 6 months ago


  21. FlowerHorn Love 6 months ago

    What about call quality? Is it true that the person on other side of phone call gets very low voice due to placement of mic…? Pls help….I am interested in buying this one.

  22. Aritra  6 months ago

    Sound is good but mic is very poor for call

  23. IsHan RatHore 6 months ago

    Xb50 or xb70 ??? Which one to buy

  24. Shashank Madre 6 months ago

    Helmet ke ander pehen sakte hai kya yeh Headsets ???

  25. Vishnu Asokan 6 months ago

    Listening this video with my Sony MDR XB50BS

  26. g 6 months ago

    I can’t get my iPad 2 to detect this device. What should I do ?

  27. Nadeem Ali 6 months ago

    xb50 or xb70, which one should i buy ? Please advice

  28. Komal Karwa 6 months ago

    Bharat Can you please review Titan's new Watch WE which is specially designed for women.

  29. Mankaran 6 months ago

    saala gandu

  30. Tawana Madzikanda 6 months ago

    They are not completely wireless so that you don’t drop and break them

  31. Nawaz Khan 6 months ago

    SONY – MDR-XB510AS? Review

  32. debayan chatterjee 6 months ago

    Can you pls help me with some tech am very poor pls

  33. Aditya 6 months ago

    do a review of Sony MDR ex750ap

  34. xioracky 6 months ago

    do motorola verve loop+ review!

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