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Sony MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass Earphones Review!

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Sony MDR-XB50AP:

Review Summary:

1. Relatively cheap
2. Great Sound

1. Fit isn’t the best (Gets uncomfortable for me after a while)
2. A bit bulky (When you put them on, it kinda feels like there’s something hanging out your ear)

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  1. RICKY RICARDO 8 months ago


  2. Shahrul Asyraf 8 months ago

    Which is better mdr xp50ap or mdr xp55ap?

  3. Arda Cabaroglu 8 months ago

    they do not sound good than a cheap jbl trust me i tested it myself

  4. bfee20021 8 months ago

    Very happy with mine. I had to replace them but not for the reason you may think. I had to replace them because my cat chewed through the cord…😣

  5. Subject98 8 months ago

    I just bought these based on reviews, fingers crossed they live up. Forced to find something new now that the discontinued JVC HAFR36B Marshmallows are impossible to find at a fair price. They were a bit delicate but the sound quality was nothing short of magic for bottom range earbuds.

  6. Bloody2hot 8 months ago

    just bought second pair , the other one had for 3 years and just my cat broke them thats why i bought new ones , they are best like the bass is amazing , and im watching youre video while wearing them 😀

  7. Gage Kology 8 months ago

    The work great as an Xbox one headset too, mic is super clear, great sound too

  8. George Alvarez! 8 months ago

    I bought me some 8 dollar sony headphones just because I saw them in 8 mile and u know what there not bad

  9. Sandeep Soni 8 months ago

    dude you are looking like daaki

  10. AmericanPatriot1776 8 months ago


    Xb: extra boom
    50: .50 caliber
    Ap: armor piercing

  11. Tarek Haidar 8 months ago

    Does this earphone have sound extra bass?

  12. Rafael Magtuloy 8 months ago

    Sir is this good for gaming?

  13. SheOnXanny 8 months ago

    can you mute yourself with these?

  14. Hideika 8 months ago

    I've had these for more than 2 years I love them a lot. I use them all the time with my Pixel 3 XL and my iPad Pro, they've aged well. Still sound crispy clear.

  15. Kaden Tucker 8 months ago

    I just looked them up and the black coast 36 blue coast 29 and the red coast 26

  16. pixelz11 8 months ago

    stop making the weird faces. it’s not funny. it makes you look stupid.

  17. Goble 8 months ago

    Black ones are cheaper now that's racism

  18. Tristan 8 months ago

    The sound is great. BUT THE DURABILITY IS INSANE. I have been using this for more than a year and still works just fine. usually 3 months is a max.

  19. Quest n'Achievement 8 months ago

    I currently using this earphone and i have to say i barely able to hear the lower frequency
    and when i try to push the low freq the earphone is started to rattle
    the frequency seems to focused on 500~800Hz ish which make the sound felt bulky of some sort.
    but the build quality is top notch by having a flat cable which reduces its chance to tie up and break down overtime and the earphone unit is solid

  20. Seby Lemnaru 8 months ago

    They are ok for gaming and talking with friends at pc?

  21. Exodus 8 months ago

    To be honest i think akg is way better i still have 1 sony they same loudness but agk a better detailed on bass and sound quality and sonys earbud rubber things falls off way to much

  22. Blazed Legend 8 months ago

    These don’t have any crazy bass, I own a pair I expected much better

  23. Darijan Hrastić 8 months ago

    I have the XB50AP. Not expensive at all. The bass is at the lowest frequency possible so far. Which makes the bass very boomy. But all can be adjusted in eq, so it's possible to make it very comfortable. Second, by their's design only, ain't exactly the king of comfort, but it's easy to get used to them. For the price it's impossible to find any other in-ear headphones with the minimum frequency response of as low as 4hz. Amazing really

  24. TheOctoberDeathBird 8 months ago

    Great review. Loves me some bass.

  25. Aditya Jayawant 8 months ago

    This thing is incredible and the buck you pay is far less for what you get. I have used earphones of different makes but no one comes closer to quality

  26. LiiightOriginal 8 months ago

    Have to disagree with this review, headphones are all bass (Very low end), higher end bass and mid tones are super flat and tinny sound quality is average. If you can find these cheap then go for them, but honestly not that great, standard apple headphones (£20) sound much better

  27. Klavierkunst - Davide Martello 8 months ago

    I‘ve been using them since 2016 and they are still working perfectly yay!!!

  28. Gold Hamster 8 months ago

    I have been using this Earphones for a year now, and i would easily choose this over an Airpod. Bass is just superb and overall quality is good. 🤘

  29. Larry Medina 8 months ago

    U dont talk about how they connect or batteries or anything.

  30. Feyad Sahid 8 months ago

    Great earphones 👍

  31. Gabe Walters 8 months ago


  32. megaDeath 8 months ago

    Note: this works for all headphones with a mic

    You can also triple tap it to replay or go back a song

  33. tohedul islam Nirzon 8 months ago

    What about soundmagic e11c is it better?

  34. Louie Andrew Capulso 8 months ago

    Do you think using a good soundcard will make the sound better?
    I'm thinking Sound BlasterX G1 for PC gaming.

  35. Русский Брутус 8 months ago

    if someone thinks these earphones are actually good… then u are deaf or at least u haven't tried good earphones… i made big mistake buying those few years ago, cuz u can buy JBL T110 cheaper and they actually sound amazingly good. also these shitty overpriced Sony earphones are so terribly uncomfortable… after one hour of listening to the music my ears started to hurt. after using my JBL for hours i cannot basically feel them, they are tiny and comfortable.

  36. Beanos Meanos 8 months ago

    I paid 50 dollars at best buy

  37. Mr2 ICY 8 months ago

    Are they sourround sound

  38. zakrstcasniisloboduz 8 months ago

    Hey guys. I just got my new Sony MDR-EX650AP.. I did it based on a reviews,and yes, they have a great balanced sound. However,I am not really happy with a bass they produce. I have to volume up in order to get a good bass. How do you rate XB50AP regarding bass? Any better then EX650AP? Thanks!

  39. crispysheet 8 months ago

    Is this available in ph

  40. Sl4yerkid 8 months ago

    I just bought these and every time there is a high hat sound while anything else is playing it just becomes super staticy / tinny, was that the same for you?

  41. Andrew Wilson 8 months ago

    I just bought a pair in black today. Too many fakes on eBay so I went up the high street & got them in ARGOS. £25 so $30.25 for you US guys, I reckon we pay more for them here than you guys can get them in Walmart?. Great bass, good mid, treble & clarity overall is good. I got them to replace my old JVC HA-EB75 which finally gave up the ghost last week after 6 years loyal service.

  42. Pandoran Bias 8 months ago

    I find these things hurt my ears like hell. They rub into the back of my ears and make them sore and tender after about ten seconds.

  43. Shrish Singh 8 months ago

    how is XB75AP

  44. Young Warrior 8 months ago

    I wENT TO Walmart and the black ones where $10 more. so i just got the blue one

  45. Blake Buwamd 8 months ago

    I have these and they sound absolutely amazing in my opinion blows the apple earpods away

  46. David Rubi 8 months ago

    This is Vanossgaming 😂😂

  47. Vulupala Jayanth 8 months ago

    Can I get ear buds for this earphones

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