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Sony FDR X3000 in 2020: Should you buy this Action Camera ?

Sony FDR X3000 in 2020: Should you buy this Action Camera ?
Review and sample footage of Sony FDR X3000 action Camera in 2020.
Should you consider buying this action camera in 2020 despite GoPro hero 8 and DJI Osmo Action being on the market? In this video I will show you sample footage of the Sony FDR X3000, underwater footage and vlogging capabilities. This action camera will surprise you even in 2020!

Sony FDR X3000:
Gimbal for Sony FDR X3000 Feiyu Tech:

Main Camera:
B roll Camera:
Overhead Camera:
Camera for Professional work:
Action Camera:

Studio Shotgun Mic:
Outdoors Mic ( best):
Studio VoiceOver Mic:

Professional Drone:
Best Sony all around APSC Lens :
Best Macro Lens:
Best All Around Zoom Lens Full Frame:
Favorite Prime FE lens (B Roll and talking head):

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  1. shleppyg69 10 months ago

    How do i get my videos off my sony ? So difficult !

  2. Ivancete 10 months ago

    Saludos desde España tío!
    Tienes tono latino, de que ciudad eres?

  3. Sandbar Sofa Surfers 10 months ago

    Did you know there is a company that has lens replacements for the Sony Action Cameras. I was looking into it but the water housing would no longer fit. I use my Sony @ 1080 120fps the footage I see before editing is so crispy and clean than the app I use to edit from my phone drops it immediately to 720, even 360.

  4. The Survivor Series 10 months ago

    Does the cam body gets yellowish after prolonged usage?

  5. bnarnold 10 months ago

    If i dont use any mic, It doesnt record any sound out of the box?

  6. thamiris douglas 10 months ago

    Eu quero comprar , mas dou do Brazil , vocês entregam aqui ? Como eu pago em real ?

  7. Jonas Stuart 10 months ago

    Nice review. Not sure why your channel doesn't have 100k subs?! Nice work!

  8. Stephen Smith 10 months ago

    Great review. I like this camera. Are there mounts for a motorcycle helmet?

  9. You Do It Francis 10 months ago

    Please tell me whether i should buy gopro 8 or fdr x3000

  10. WARP1G_TV 10 months ago

    In terms of using this for live streaming. Would I still need a cam link? Also, can I power this constantly to live stream?

  11. Married To The KGB 10 months ago

    Hi do you know a drone that fits this cam with a gimbal? thanks

  12. dtb 10 months ago

    which is the external LCD you showed in the video? The one attached to a miniHDMI cable to the SONY FDR-X3000R . I am really interested about it.

  13. brock b 10 months ago

    the reason im looking at this in 2020 is for its design. For paintball, I want something that can film from the side of my mask but isnt sticking out awkwardly. The design of this is the only one (other than the discontinued session 5) that is suitable for this

  14. Feltric Garmond 10 months ago

    just but a 3rd party charger for 3 batterys including 3 batteries for little over 20 euros. so great

  15. Feltric Garmond 10 months ago

    still use mine a lot

  16. Maple007 10 months ago

    I see YouTube vloggers using this camera, but I don’t see any evidence of them using a microphone, are they just using the built in microphone in the camera?? …if so, the microphone in this camera is amazing

  17. John Reyniers 10 months ago

    Just got this camera after much research, i absolutely love it, i've not seen one negative review for it, just heaps of good things, but if anyone's an amateur like me, your not going to get it straight out the box and start playing with it, you really need to digest the menu system, the Sony AKAMCP1.SYH MC Protector at £30 was a bit steep but both that and the camera (underwater housing included) for £450 is certainly well worth it.

  18. Zulf Photography 10 months ago

    Nice job, covered nicely. I used a drift camera on my motorbike rides. I use a cheap 1080p goodman's and it's OK for a old camera. This is definitely better

  19. Layila Faon 10 months ago

    looks amazing the shots!

  20. Kardoso Media 10 months ago

    It has great image quality and stabilization especially for a camera thats been out for as long as it has. Thanks for sharing Adam

  21. Sean Odom 10 months ago


  22. Budiono Sukses 10 months ago

    except of its capabilities and image quality, I don't like the design of this action camera

  23. Family of Tech 10 months ago

    What action camera are you using right now and which one you think is the best ?

  24. Carlos Ayala 10 months ago

    COOL SHIT!!!

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