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Sony 4K HDR KDX8000E series Review by a Kiwi. My KD43X80E HDTV

Things I talked about in this video:
– Applies to all sizes of the Sony KDX80E/KDX800E/KD8000E series.
– X-Reality Pro engine
– Tri-luminous advanced colour technology
– Anti-glare display
– Plastic stand.
– 2X 10W speakers audio quality is much better than Samsung equivalent HDTV’s.
– Android 7.0 OS is more secure. Samsung TV’s have unpatched vulnerabilities with Tizen.
– Black levels are acceptable thanks to Triluminoes display technology and HDR10.

Things not mentioned in this video:
– How many cores and what is the CPU speed, does the X-Reality Pro processor have? Sony doesn’t tell us.
– The TV does an excellent job with upscaling 720p and 1080p content. But does a poor job with upscaling anything less than 720p (i.e. standard resolution).
– This TV has good audio speakers better than Samsung, and this TV can do up to 100 decibels.

I used parts to videos from other YouTubers for review purposes as chosen clips illustrate the capabilities of the TV. Credits will be posted below.

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Nguồn: https://paranormal-association.com/

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  1. praneeth kumar pspk 8 months ago

    Does it support 3d

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