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SHINee – Onew's sexual harassment case – what really happened?

Shinee’s Onew was charged with sexual harassment during a night out in a club with friends. Here’s a breakdown of what happened that night, according to a reliable witness. If you’d like to see more K-pop videos like this, please subscribe and comment below.

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Watch and find out who disrespected Jonghyun & SHINee:

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  1. sweetmary647 11 months ago

    He is innocent pls.let him happy now we support him what ever happened SHINee Shining Forvever always 5 in our heart😍😚

  2. William Sta Ana 11 months ago

    They could have promoted as 5 if this hadn’t happened oh well they’re comeback was amazing truly legends

  3. Sunantha Rajakumar 11 months ago

    He is innocent . Don't disturb onew please …..

  4. Kpop_ Beatx 11 months ago

    I believe he did nothing wrong because ONEW's no interest in women 1000's of time he told that on social media in different interviews n yup His friends're with him but they didn't stopped him grabbing that women's leg it means they're having fun or completely lying to ruin this kid's image..😋😋😋😋
    "Dear OLD ONEW-ssi it must be very late to tell you that I still believe you like before so please don't ever think about it seriously don't take it on your heart coz it's just a mistake.." 🙂🙂 Now Cheer up n best of luck for the 6th album n military service..
    And yeah don't get old stop growing older day by day coz am already upset because of you're getting older n am still young..😕😕


    Me alegra saber la noticia!!! Onew, soy tu fan!!!

  6. Janani Rajakaruna 11 months ago

    He's my angel.He's innocent.

  7. Pinky7007 RA 11 months ago

    I have seen fall down drunk people n the witnesses descriptions are on point. I have been sexually harassed and put the guy in his place regardless of the senior that he was to me. Onew made a mistake he apologized properly to his family, friends, colleagues n fans. From his words n actions I can tell he has learned his lesson.

  8. Strong Women 11 months ago

    Am so glad is over 🙏🙏🙏🙏it’s not his fault

  9. linger368 11 months ago

    Thanks for this Kpop All Day. In my opinion, I think that the only thing Onew did wrongly was get too drunk. In fact, I don't think he thinks that the lady is a pole. Think about it, when we fall down, wouldn't we naturally try to grab something to prevent us from falling flat on the ground and hurting ourselves? I do feel that he should be more careful in the future with how much he can drink, but in the case of the sexual harassment, it should not even be considered as such. If it is so, it would mean that if we are on a fast moving bus or train, and it stopped all of a sudden, and we accidentally sit on someone or touch that person, we can be sued for sexual harassment because it is the same intention as Onew falling and holding on to whoever or whatever he can to prevent himself from hurting.

  10. visit lampungyo 11 months ago

    Super big like…

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