Ruffidawg Jr./ Predator Call! Rabbit in Distress Call! One of My Best Predator Hand Calls!

This is one of my favorite and best coyote hand calls and other predator hunter hand calls and is my go to call for a predator hunter. It creates cottontail/jackrabbit in distress cries. Watch this video as I demonstrate mouse squeaks and bird distress also. I will demonstrate how to use the Ruffidawg jr call that I specially designed for every predator hunter. It’s every predator hunter’s failsafe.
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Les Johnson

My background and skill is in calling predators such as coyotes, bobcats, fox, and raccoons. I also enjoy a host of other activities and invite you to view my lifestyle.
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Les Johnson

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  1. Harley Sauer 10 months ago

    Hey les could you shoot me a text I was going to ask you a couple queastions about some coyote contest 785-294-0815 thanks love to hear from you

  2. ozzieoutdoors 10 months ago

    gday mate. wow bloody good stuff man. ya know ya thing. pleasure to watch once again.

  3. Todd West 10 months ago

    I need to get these calls on my wishlist.

  4. MrRandym03 10 months ago

    Great call. I have called in the majority of my coyotes with this call.

  5. Kurt Anderson 10 months ago

    I've used the Ruffidawg and in areas where the coyotes are not pressured a lot it works great, and works great on the pups through summer and fall. Pretty versatile call in that it can do the mouse, bird, and cottontail/jack and it is easy to blow and doesn't freeze up too bad. It can do fawn bleat too with a little practice. A lot of coyotes coming to this call don't wake up tomorrow. What about call soured dogs, though? I use a homemade call that makes a nice cat "waller" (housecat, bobcat) that seems to bring them in close enough, but those educated dogs are tough. Got any suggestions? Also, what would you use in a new area? I've had great luck in WY and NE, as well as KS, but these dogs in OK, NM, and CO don't sucker to the standard calls too well. Do I need to wait longer (my normal stand is 15-20 min wait time before calling, then call at 5 min intervals) or is there something else going on?

  6. Harley Sauer 10 months ago

    Good tips

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