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Phim Cao bồi: Lucky Luke – 1991 (HD – Phụ đề)

Lucky Luke is a 1991 Italian-American western comedy film directed by and starring Terence Hill and based on the Belgian comic book of the same name. It is also the pilot episode of the Lucky Luke television series.
It was shot in: Bonanza Creek Ranch and Santa Fe (New Mexico), Zia Pueblo, Valles Caldera National Preserve, White Sands National Monument and La Junta (Colorado), Tucson, Arizona.

Directed by Terence Hill
Produced by Lucio Bompani
Written by Terence Hill
Based on Lucky Luke
by Morris
Starring Paloma Films
Music by Aaron Schroeder, David Grover
Distributed by Paloma Films
Release date
Running time
92 min.
Country Italy
United States
Language English

Phim Cao bồi: #*Lucky Luke*# (HD – Phụ đề).
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  1. Long Le 11 months ago

    Thằng wai nào dịch pd vậy.?

  2. Hoang Le Xuan 11 months ago

    Dịch bậy bạ quá

  3. Biết ai ? Ai biết ? 11 months ago

    Phim như con c** họ

  4. khoi nguyen 11 months ago

    Google dịch vl

  5. Luong Ngoc 11 months ago

    5:20 đoạn nhạc trong phần phim gì của Tom and jery

  6. Mỹ Đỗ 11 months ago

    Lucky Luke đầu như vậy

  7. Tùng Nguyễn tiến 11 months ago

    Không hay

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