Petz 5 2002 (Catz 5 and Dogz 5) Adoption and Game Play

This is the PC game by Ubisoft of the P.F. Magic series Catz and Dogz. It contains both Catz and Dogz on one disk unlike the previous games. These would need to be bought separately to get both. I have almost the entire series, and by surprise the final iteration works on Windows 10. These were some of the games I grew up with. This game was bought in a book fair during school.

The drop down menus did not record. The beginning was supposed to have the breeds available. The mini games are also a bit wonky at times. Mainly the final one. Not to mention that I accidentally watered the cat.

Each game seems to do things slightly differently when it comes to the inventory. This game has the player go through each area and collect items by putting them in the inventory. These items can then be used endlessly. In previous games of the Catz and Dogz series there would be an area with items. The inventory could be stocked from this area.


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  1. Milkyway2099 6 months ago

    Don't mind me, I'm just crying inside at the nostalgia…

  2. brooke elrod 6 months ago

    If its okay to post here i made petition to try to get the game on Steam and i'd like to share the link for anyone who would like to sign.

  3. Alex Hill 6 months ago

    For the 2nd game you have to watch the pattern and play it back by putting your catz on the squares in the order they lit up. (e.g. red > yellow > green)

  4. Leviathan Sandkeeper 6 months ago

    What I wouldn't give for a new Petz game in the classic PF Magic style.

  5. AwesomeHyperSonic547 6 months ago

    Nintendogs before nintendogs existed! 😂😂 I had this, it was pretty good. 😊

  6. christian thompson 6 months ago

    oh my god, i thought i hallucinated this game.

  7. stephababe2007 2007 6 months ago

    They alley cat is hilarious when it makes all the noises

  8. Dared Rogers 6 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks we should start a petition for the entire Petz series (including Babyz and Oddballz) to get re-released on Steam and/or GOG in order to make it more accessible to newer generations?

  9. Baby yoda who love drinking 6 months ago

    I used to play it on my school's computer. I really miss it:(
    Is this game still available? I wanna do download it

  10. ファントム 6 months ago

    I used to have this I never understood it

  11. kiwushii 6 months ago

    how did u get petz5 in 20192020??????? i want it so bad

  12. Buttercup Saiyan 6 months ago

    wait, it works on Windows 10? holy shit

  13. surfnsunshinekat 6 months ago

    anyone else remember how the chinchilla would FREAK out if you spritzed it or accidentally watered it ?

  14. Call or TXT 6 months ago

    This game is why our generation likes ASMR lol

  15. Universe Traveller 6 months ago

    I could feel the frustration when you were trying to make the music box work, lol.

  16. MysteriousPixie 6 months ago

    Do you know where online I could safely download this?

  17. EmmE 6 months ago

    How were you able to get this to work on your pc?

  18. Just Me 6 months ago

    When I hear the kiddos play this game, it is nerve wracking LOL hearing those dishes clanging and banging all over the screen. They should had made it where those food/water dishes would stay stationary wherever the dog mom puts them LOL Our family just has the dogz 5. I wonder if the previous versions if the dishes clanged like that? They want to know if petz allows for more than two dogs to be taken out at the same time? And according to the kiddos they should had it where the clothes could had been taken off/on in other scenes, too, not just in the salon LOL

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