ONLY THE BRAVE – Official Trailer #3 (HD)

They’re the heroes that represent the best of America. #OnlyTheBrave, Based on the True Story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots – now on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital:

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All men are created equal… then, a few become firefighters. Only the Brave, based on the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, is the heroic story of one unit of local firefighters that through hope, determination, sacrifice, and the drive to protect families, communities, and our country become one of the most elite firefighting teams in the country. As most of us run from danger, they run toward it – they watch over our lives, our homes, everything we hold dear, as they forge a unique brotherhood that comes into focus with one fateful fire.

Josh Brolin
Miles Teller
Jeff Bridges
James Badge Dale
with Taylor Kitsch
and Jennifer Connelly


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  1. Yolanda Tellez Gutierrez 8 months ago

    Released by Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc 2017

  2. Пс Муханов 8 months ago

    I see here many villains from MCU

  3. Jaxton C 8 months ago

    Thanks for the inspiration and the encouragement!!
    1:27 🔥❤🔥

  4. Buck Buchanan 8 months ago

    Having spent 3 summers driving, getting choppered, and hiking into remote Australian bushland to fight fires, I can identify with this movie in a very real way. I've had a chopper fly past the main fire, and drop a load of phos-chek straight on our position, causing my team to scramble for cover, as the weight of the falling water caused tree limbs to come crashing down around us. My off-sider and I once got seperated from our team, and were driving on a track we'd never been before, with thick smoke all around. We knew we were in an area that the fire was heading, on top of a ridge, and we had to get out. As we were picking our way along a mountain track, through thick smoke, the fire was racing up the hill toward us. We had been trained never to drive through thick smoke or flames, but knew that was our only chance to survive, so kept going. Even with the air conditioner blasting full, the heat from the flames was almost unbearable. Fortunately, the road was straight in the section that we couldn't see anything, and we finally drove out into the clear. My fire bag, in the back of the ute, was melted / burned in a few places, and the paint on the ute was bubbled. In 3 seasons, there were 4 times that I thought it was over, that I wasn't going to make it out alive. This probably won't make sense to a lot of people, but it was the best time of my life! Living each moment like it could be your last makes everything sweeter, and more intense. This movie does a magnificent job of telling the story, and putting the viewer, in the heart of the action. When you're out on that fire-line, the men and women who are with you is all you have. That's a bond that lasts forever! Although there were lots of close calls, the team I was with never lost anyone, but some of the other teams did. I can't imagine how the one person who survived the Yarnell Hill Tragedy felt. Brilliant movie, direction, cast, acting, special effects, sound. It brought back a lot of memories.

  5. John McLellan 8 months ago

    One of the best movies ever made! True story…You guys rock!

  6. Ravi Agravāl 8 months ago

    Wish captions were available

  7. Noor Farah 8 months ago

    I cried at the ending😭😭

  8. Kevin Yerich 8 months ago

    Josh Brolin is Thanos/Cable

  9. Jeremy 7.12 8 months ago

    danke was ihr getahen habt ihr seid in unseren herzen

  10. suraj lamichhane 8 months ago

    I just saw the movie and it's really amazing and emotional. Kudos to all those heroes. Respect

  11. Maharlikang Buhay TV 8 months ago

    that what it happen in california

  12. FractalBoy 8 months ago

    One of the best films of 2017. Highly underrated. Emotionally impactful film. Put a big lump in my throat and made my lip quiver uncontrollably.

  13. Train Maniac Studios 8 months ago

    Probably one of the most depressing ends to a movie ever. Amazing film. I recommend people to watch it. 8/10 🙂

  14. Kenshin Himura 8 months ago

    Watched this and I recommend it.

  15. Morphiuz 8 months ago

    Just saw the movie. God dammit it was good !!

  16. imeva 8 months ago


  17. Pamela Clare 8 months ago

    Amazing film. Cried my eyes out.

  18. Alpha 8 months ago

    I love this movie because it’s based on were I live and my home town

  19. Vicki Jackson 8 months ago

    I love Taylor Kitsch

  20. Finley Booth 8 months ago

    Sin false convert bunch acid four murder holiday curriculum servant.

  21. Sprongle69's Video Dump 8 months ago

    This is one of my top 10 fav films. Number 3.

  22. tenjek 8 months ago

    Unlike the movie, the town of Prescott was thoroughly ungrateful, refused to pay survivor benefits and spat on their wives and families, even driving a few out.

    The governing body lied that the costs of the case (which happened in the first place because they refused to pay the benefits) would drive taxes up and delay payments and bonuses). This was done to drive the town against the families of the men who had given their lives saving the town.

  23. DIO 8 months ago


  24. The Last Crusader 8 months ago

    One of the few movies based on real ppl where the main character, Eric Marsh, was better-looking irl than the actor portraying him,

  25. Flakoman Skate 8 months ago

    Thanks #SonyEntertainment !!📛🙋

  26. Flakoman Skate 8 months ago

    "waohhh que Movie" It's Amazing 🔜⏸🔥💡💥📹🎥

  27. Allen Finn 8 months ago

    Maybe you heard, Mija, that we had a fire here in Bishop. It burned something like 2500 acres of brush and grassland. When it started the winds were blowing north to south. A mandatory evacuation was issued for where I live. Then the wind shifted blowing west to east, so we waited rather than leave. If the wind shifted back we were ready to go. But the winds walked the fire around us, maybe two miles distance…..

  28. medash lashal 8 months ago

    white ppl movie

  29. AustrianKronos 8 months ago

    oh look, they made Smoke Jumpers!

  30. Sharon Stenberg 8 months ago

    Heartbreaking for the hot shots and there families ❤️🙏🏼❤️

  31. The Media 8 months ago

    I'm not even ashamed to admit that I cried while watching this

  32. Trending10 8 months ago

    This movie is sad

  33. vanilla coke 8 months ago

    This movie was so good! I she'd a few tears.

  34. Johanna Pi 8 months ago

    Who is she ? 0:02

  35. Anirudh Bellamkonda 8 months ago

    Just watched the movie. I highly recommend it. The way some incredible people put their lives on the line to save other people's lives is just amazing.

  36. Ashley Larkin 8 months ago

    First ever movie that made me cry from watching it

  37. SA. Tx 8 months ago

    One of the saddest movie. 😥 the bravest men ever.

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