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Old 1969 RCA New Vista Color TV – Turned on after 10 years…

UPDATE July 2020 – Thanks for the views! This video is still going strong! If you’d like to see other old technology from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, reel-to-reel, cassette, 8 track, check out my “Old Technology Playlist” here —

Just turned this on in 2013 (first time since 2003) and everything still works! Here is some of the original marketing information: RCA Home Entertainment Center, New Vista Color Television – “The Brandywine” model HM-813 Solid State Phonograph, Computer Crafted AM-FM-FM Stereo Radio 23 inch diagonal, 295 square inch picture.
Tilt-out TV control panel for handy stand-up tuning. Advanced Automatic “Locked In” TV Fine Tuning (A.F.T.) is completely electronic, completely automatic – no extra switches or tuning meters. New Vista VHF tuner is the most powerful in the television industry. Advanced Solid State UHF tuner is precision engineered to provide excellent reception. Glare-proof RCA Super Bright Hi-Lite color picture tube is 20% brighter than any previous RCA tube. Computer Crafted C/COS 327 radio tuner – programmed for precision by an RCA Spectra 70 computer. New ceramic circuit modules that perform key functions of many individual parts. Advanced features include tuned R-F stage in both FM and AM, FM Stereo Indicator light, AFC, built-in antennas. 50 watt peak power Solid State stereo amplifier with frequency response of 50 to 20,000 Hz. Separate bass, treble, stereo balanced and compensated loudness controls. Studiomatic 4-speed turntable plays 7″ 10″ and 12″ records automatically or manually, and new mini records manually. Massive 11 3/4″ turntable. Automatic shut-off after last record. Adapter for 45-rpm and 3 7/8″ records included. Feather Action Tone Arm protects records even if tone arm is accidentally bounced or slid across the record. Flipover styli – 7 mil Duralife diamond for microgroove records, 3 mil for 78’s. Six-speaker sound system – two 12″ oval duo-cone woofers deliver rich, full-bodied bass and mid-range presence and four 3 1/2″ tweeters provide sparking treble. Stereo headphone jack; speaker switch; tape input/output jack.

00:00 – TV Test
00:35 – Record Test (Blocked)
01:50 – Glowing Tubes
02:24 – Radio Test


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  1. ACBMemphis 8 months ago

    Our channel features lots of old technology, and this is our most viewed video by far…. Today, 7 years after upload and 1 year after monetization, it was blocked in all countries due to the Beatles record playing the background. So, to unblock the video, I had to mute the song. If you want to experience this video in its original form, play a scratchy version of "Please Please me" on a worn out turntable, over some 50 year old TV speakers, with a hum in the background – record it on a camcorder microphone. Starting playing at 0:48, then slow it down at about 1:21… 🙂

  2. Alan Strong 8 months ago

    An expert tech can get that system back to life. A matter of finding the right parts.

  3. Maria A Rocha 8 months ago

    It's so easy to break a 90s tv📺

  4. roachtoasties 8 months ago

    Back in its time, if you had one of these fancy home entertainment systems, you had it made. You also probably had a big house to put it in.

  5. richard kossar 8 months ago

    burn the tv up thats the past

  6. Fionn O'Brien 8 months ago

    She's beautiful i bet she cost alot of money back in the day do you still have her👍

  7. uiop 8 months ago

    That is a beautiful machine man…

  8. Canal do Juan Carlos Galdino 8 months ago

    Going To TV Disco

  9. dhanu reddy 8 months ago

    I want that's type of television

  10. Norman Lamotte 8 months ago

    I remember my daddy had one like this before lol..😂

  11. Acchu E 8 months ago

    Red mercury hunters 😴😴

  12. Izlude Tingel 8 months ago

    When TV was furniture!!! I used to have an old RCA console, no radio, but all wood cabinet on wheels. At the very least, I have a nice 40" mitsu CRT (direct view). All the retro games go on it, scan lines are nice and thick, rivaling that of a PVM (better than the sony 310).

  13. TheArtemMaps 8 months ago

    That a DJs machine

  14. Wanker Reviews 8 months ago

    that beatles member looked like robert de niro

  15. Talent recap 8 months ago


  16. Frank N 8 months ago

    Wow I am impressed:) It’s all in one very nice I wish I had this. Is it for sale?

  17. Solid Snake 8 months ago

    We should bring these back.

  18. Luis Rivera 8 months ago

    Utube stop being childish n stop cutting off d sound when they play music

  19. Jon Johansson 8 months ago

    Such a monster. So you americans had Video already in the 60s?

  20. Mr Shaun Warburton 8 months ago

    You would have trouble trying to loot one of them from your local Walmart?

  21. Porkchop's Papi 8 months ago

    My family spent many nights watching Disney tv & Mutual of Omaha's wild kingdom on this.
    Then as a teen, I blasted Black Sabbath & Crosby Stills Nash & Young on it.

  22. AUXI SOLANO 8 months ago

    0:48 why is it mute

  23. Steven Bennett 8 months ago

    Back in the day when televisions were furniture.

  24. Jenny M 8 months ago

    That's amazing it still works.

  25. Alfredete 8 months ago

    Beautiful, no comments

  26. toufiq shaikh 8 months ago

    I want to purchase will u sell pls contact

  27. NickDe39 8 months ago

    Had, a 1972 Zenith that size, did my own maintenance, used a color bar dot generator to converge it, took two strong men to move it, had to remove the back. Then went completely crazy buying a 43" rear projector with 3 CRT projection tubes, that took about four men to carry and extremely difficult to align three tubes.

    Then a LED 65" Sanyo wall hung model that only weighed 40 pounds and hangs on the wall and does not need convergence. I can forget about the past.

    Purchased a bunch of VCR tapes, looked pretty good on a 27", terrible on a high res 65" inch so now switching to bluray DVD's. Still have over 200 12" LP's to get rid of plus a 80 pound Sony tape deck, but converted all my music to high quality MP3's, have over 5000 songs on a one ounce USB stick.

  28. Arun Sond 8 months ago
    Reply make CRT to Smart TV

  29. Wendy Starita 8 months ago

    This is Brian. I'm surprised it works at all. As I was growing up, a console tv with a stereo system would self destruct. Only a misinformed consumer would buy one. You see, there was entirely too much going on inside them and they were a nightmare to fix. Most of all, the speakers vibrating the tubes and connectors led to loose components that would make them break down. It was a horrible idea. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Sheik Hasheem 8 months ago

    Are you selling this TV? If interested in selling please call me 9945757392

  31. Heath77 8 months ago

    Looks like the picture tube is quite weak

  32. Harindu Weerasekara 8 months ago

    Is this working battery

  33. Johanna Lopez 8 months ago

    1:38 the VHS tape is damaged

  34. Bình dung Dương binh 8 months ago

    This is old RCA victor only on 1969

  35. Clay Gilliland 8 months ago

    All new caps and an alignment and the set would be good to go.

  36. Clay Gilliland 8 months ago

    I spent my summers with my Grandparents up in Young and Jack County Tex and the summer of the Apollo 11 I badgered her into buying a color TV. Wisely she went for an RCA console. Gorgeous TV with amazing color. If I remember correctly a number of other set manufacturers used a clone of the RCA chassis.

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