NEW NUKE – Top 18 Smokes, 7 Flashes & 2 Molotovs – CS:GO Nade Spots, Jamiew_

In this video we show some of the best Smokes, Flashes and Molotovs for the new Nuke, including a Vent Rush, outside smokes to get to secret, or smoke off garage or main, or even heaven and hell. We also see ramp smokes, pop flashes out hut to A Site, and some other places too!

Timings for the nade spots are below:
0:17 T Spawn to Outside x2 – to cross to secret
0:57 T Spawn to Close Catwalk
1:32 3 Smokes to Heaven, AC Unit and Hell
2:14 T Out to Garage
2:26 T Out to Main
2:54 Vent Rush from Lobby (Nade, Smoke, Flash)
3:42 T Lobby to Main
3:57 A Site to Hell
4:16 Lobby to Ramp – smoke and flash
4:50 T Roof to A Site Heaven
5:14 T Roof to A Silo
6:04 T Roof to A Site Heaven – when windows are broken
6:34 Holding Ramp as a CT
6:44 CT Spawn to T Outside
7:12 CT Spawn to T Silo

7:36 T Roof to A Site Flash 1 – right skylight
7:57 T Roof to A Site Flash 2 – left skylight
8:09 T Lobby to A Site Pop Flash
8:24 Hell to A Site Pop Flash
8:33 Toxic Room Molotovs

9:07 Bug! Molotov and Smoke from B Site to A, Lobby and Squeaky

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  1. tgdhsuk 28 mins ago

    new new nuke?

  2. Toni Maverick 28 mins ago

    T roof A silo is now impossible, there is a skybox now… :'(

  3. Fine Prodigy 28 mins ago


  4. Fortnite is the best 28 mins ago

    Shit video none of the smokes work

  5. bobkin611 28 mins ago

    Pro Tip, Lower the volume on the Intro. Please.

  6. Oliver Dobson 28 mins ago

    Another tip is to get somebody to break all the skylights at the beginning of the round, to make an A execute more surprising, as rotations are so quick, and the breaking glass is very loud.

  7. Valid Gaming 28 mins ago

    Outdated =)

  8. Old Account 28 mins ago

    whats your video setting?

  9. bLackfOx CS 28 mins ago

    How do u change ur crosshair on the fly? Very nice Video btw 😉

  10. EmperorsAlpaca 28 mins ago

    All the nades in this video are fantasric, but I absolutely love the vent rush nades. The clear and concise explanations are beautiful.

  11. nykS 28 mins ago

    soo intelligence with dat crosshair.

  12. Edo Modestini 28 mins ago

    Dude, you deserve more views & subs like seriously I think you're gonna get big

  13. Patrick Blouin 28 mins ago

    Any tips for how to jump throw grenades consistently? For the "CT Spawn to T Silo" smoke, I sometimes hit the skybox and sometimes don't even make it to the silo. Very poor consistency. I have a decent mechanical keyboard and decent mouse so I don't think my buttons are off and I always try to time it exactly the same. Very difficult.

  14. GW Choi 28 mins ago

    how can i get this training map?

  15. alex rice 28 mins ago

    how do u make ur cross hair large and small by toggle?

  16. SirHille 28 mins ago

    Playing this map alot, so thx for your input. 🙂

  17. Cub Cervenjak 28 mins ago


  18. Nadine Azman 28 mins ago

    Damn Jamie….

  19. KatieSara 28 mins ago

    how do u change the color of the smoke trajectory? i nvr figured it out

  20. dennis andersson 28 mins ago

    awesome content, you sir just got yourself a new sub =)

  21. Cameron Loud 28 mins ago

    Great job!

  22. VIRUS 28 mins ago

    What are your xhair settings fam? 🙂

  23. Miracle Wang 28 mins ago


  24. Pingmeister 28 mins ago

    What's the command for your "grenade aiming" crosshair?

  25. Thiago Zanin 28 mins ago

    AWESOME dude! really nice work
    you deserved my sub

  26. Liam Boström 28 mins ago

    How Did you change your crosshair When you throw the smokes

  27. Sh1ni_sk 28 mins ago

    I saw in your vids using bots for training, like, boosting and etc.
    How to do it?

  28. SLiX 28 mins ago

    Can you post the complete commands you use when doing these videos?

  29. Sami Sharaf 28 mins ago

    even the smokes are T sided…

  30. MalaberLP 28 mins ago

    What did you do, so your chat just says 'smoke' and stuff instead of the usual text it displays ?

  31. texasemzee 28 mins ago

    awesome smokes, subbed 🙂

  32. erebus 28 mins ago

    I'm so happy I found you.

  33. Александър Иванов 28 mins ago

    oh mai god 😀

  34. William Hammond 28 mins ago

    How do you get the long green lines crosshair to pop up on your screen? Or did you do that in post?

  35. zuwe 28 mins ago

    What's the bind for your smoke crosshair?

  36. Poïpoï 28 mins ago

    Thanks, couldn't wait to see that video 😀

  37. Easy Sweep 28 mins ago

    Theres a nice smoke for secret on T side. Using the railing in front of the blue crate lining it up with silo lands right on secret

  38. Jackson Bodra 28 mins ago

    Brother, wow….so many interesting spots, facts, ways. what are you? are you doing Ph.D in counter strike…or some research..? by the way, thanks for the information.

  39. Andriy Chereshnya 28 mins ago

    Thank you 🙂

  40. Lauri Inki 28 mins ago

    how you get those cool looking grenade trejory's?

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