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Sign Up, View Ads, Get Paid… It’s That Simple!
The Easiest Way To Drive Traffic To Your Website And Get Paid For Doing It.

100% Make Money Daily… It’s Impossible Not To.

My Advertising Pays is an online advertising company, based in the United States and was launched in December 2013.

It was created by Mike Deese. A United States Airforce veteran and successful business person.

Mike wanted to create a SIMPLE online business model that would provide a secure and reliable income for its members. So, he created a profitable online advertising platform, that DELIVERS for advertisers and SHARES its profits every 20 minutes with ALL members that qualify to receive it.

A real WIN-WIN situation.

To qualify to receive a share in the global profits of the company, you simply need to purchase one of more credit packs and click on ten ads daily. Now that’s simple.

My Advertising Pays also has a lucrative single tier referral program – where you can earn up to 10% commission on purchases made by the people you introduce.

Online advertising is a rapidly expanding market worth more than $1 billion per day!

Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Yahoo all make large profits from this… and now you can too.

MyAdvertisingPays is a real cash cow.

Click the link and check out the website that we give you to help promote this fantastic opportunity.

To your success,

~ Marcin Wójcik


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  1. Walter S. 8 months ago

    Beware PONZI-Scams

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