Most Realistic DMT Trip Audiovisuals (360°)

Set quality to 1080s! This is the 360° version of:

DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) gives you an experience like no other substance on earth can. The strong psychedelic effect from DMT could be described as being tunneled to other dimensions or universes. A strange semi-disturbing auditory hiss may initially be present. Partially distorted sounds may echo or transform into visuals or feelings, and visa-versa, as if all your senses are one with the very core of what defines you.

What I’m trying to simulate here is, of course, not the real thing. But for those who wonder about the ambience you may end up with on DMT, in an abstract way this is pretty close. Other than the actual experience, though, nothing in this world could describe the particular feeling of a thousand years of experience and oneness…

Even though DMT might be of great interest to you, please understand that I have to say this: In most countries, DMT is listed as an illegal drug by law where it is forbidden to possess. Don’t do drugs! 😉

Original graphics art by software artist Scott Draves. Credits for the visual effects go to him and the Electric Sheep. Check out his psychedelic t-shirts at:

Sound effects manufactured by Bluezone. They have a great library of unusual sounds. You can buy it here:

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  1. Bitmaster2000 8 months ago

    The resolution of this video is, in 360° terms, rather low. Unfortunately it doesn't get any higher than this. But most effects are still pretty neat! For the best view, use your mobile phone to look around. The original 2D version can be found here:

  2. TreDay 8 months ago

    Never tried it. Really want to. Its no where around Louisiana. Is it just colors? I always thought it was that plus entities talking or idk more beings involved.

  3. co ol 8 months ago

    Do you hear sounds like this as well?

  4. chechnya’s ghjyrddvhg 8 months ago

    when you get laced

  5. EM 8 months ago

    How long does a trip last when taking the "correct" dosage?

  6. Badr Oulad Youssef 8 months ago

    So iT means that you hear those creepy sounds tf

  7. Bczxy 8 months ago


  8. Noor 8 months ago

    What the heck!?

  9. Chim chim Noodles 8 months ago

    Just press hard on your eyes for a simulator trip

  10. Zegan 8 months ago

    Is this what DMT is like will I not be able to see what’s around me in my room for all my surroundings start to disappear and I’ll be in a different world I’ve always wondered this

  11. Shane 8 months ago

    “Shaggy… This isn’t weed 🥴😵”

  12. Taranis 8 months ago

    This reminds me of my first trip but i saw An Endless amount of buddiest swastikas moving in rotations that isnt even imagainable in our world

  13. Francis Fire 8 months ago

    When I move my phone the screen moves like virtual reality… Dude the shrooms kicked in!

  14. Hevaiah 8 months ago

    This was fun but I got sent into fight or flight mode at around 10 minutes 😡

  15. Hina HG 8 months ago

    Merda assustadora do caralho sai fora

  16. surfinmuso 8 months ago

    Um… nope. Has this guy even done dmt? Doesn't look like it.

  17. Michael Maltese 8 months ago

    This is the furthest from a dmt trip iv ever seen. Its garbage

  18. Funguspower2 8 months ago

    play at half speed, i'm sorry

  19. Elias lucas Dos Santos 8 months ago

    Que porcaria e é essa sons do inferno ?

  20. Jess Harrison 8 months ago

    Acid god those was the days microdots

  21. Rishabh Khare 8 months ago

    We Are living In illusion…. Reality Can Only be Seen Once We Meditate For Years (Permanent Happiness) or Take A Shot Of DMT (Temporary Happiness)……

  22. VeronicaMist 8 months ago

    Too bad the soundtrack is so “fear” and “bad trip”. I’ll skip DMT I guess.

  23. Frank Lucas 8 months ago

    Nothing at all like a dmt trip you dick.

  24. Connie Elliott 8 months ago

    Yes I like ur 💩!👍🏻👍🏻 it's badass even WITHOUT the drugs.thanks for sharing

  25. Connie Elliott 8 months ago

    IT STILL WORKS even though it's on pause!👍🏻👍🏻💙 thank you for sharing this with me ❤️💗

  26. Connie Elliott 8 months ago

    WTH is DMT? Just curious. i 💙 the video though it's very 🆒 and interesting

  27. lomz lomz 8 months ago

    does someone see the cat here too? 1:25:12

  28. lomz lomz 8 months ago

    when you think about how much infinity will be in the degree of infinity

  29. lomz lomz 8 months ago

    когда протер глаза и начал смотреть на ковер на стене

  30. lomz lomz 8 months ago

    I know its 360 but I can't move a mouse

  31. Dragunovskii 8 months ago

    This looks like a bad time. I tought I wozld turn into dr manhattan

  32. Hernie Thetwig 8 months ago

    40:43 the weed leaf

  33. Limowm 8 months ago

    Hey you kids.. get off of my lawn!! U freaking me out

  34. Evan Dëë 8 months ago

    That’s the waiting room man

  35. Darius McClane 8 months ago

    do you see it with your eye or in imagination?

  36. Gabe Chacon 8 months ago

    Question: So regardless of the setting/location, is this what an individual is most likely to see and hear while on DMT? What about the internal experience? What is it that you feel most on DMT? Dread? Ecstasy? Sorrow? Love?

  37. Shrekjr 8 months ago

    This wasnt like my dmt trips 3rd eye jellyfish with 👁, eyes lots of awesome stuff your missing the symbols a bit

  38. Michael Jones 8 months ago

    Mother..take me back.

  39. Tony Barnett 8 months ago


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