MAP MAKING 101 – Episode 5 – Building,testing and fixing the dev level

MAP MAKING 101 – Episode 5 – Building,testing and fixing the dev level

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  1. Matt Brewerton 8 months ago

    It triggers me that your vent roof isn't joining to the far wall :X

  2. patrlim 8 months ago

    In this video he sounds like he just drank 50 cups off coffee

  3. Freeze 8 months ago

    How can I play with my friend? I cant find any tutorial.

  4. Noodlez Joji 8 months ago

    If you run into the same problems as i here are tips!:
    1 -Hovering on the top left of each block tells you what side your looking at
    2 – Spacebar + Leftclick is a POV view move Right click is a stationary view move
    3 -Ctrl + Z = delete last placement
    4 – Make sure to right click on the slab, spawn ect, and click on "Paste object"
    Found these in some steam forums, home they help some of ya out, good luck building your projects!

  5. fujiha saids 8 months ago

    Why don't you no-draw your map from the start? Using this as the base texture is a better idea.

  6. The Shroom 8 months ago

    How long does it take for someone with experience to finish a map?

  7. Leco 8 months ago

    Great video. How can i do curved stairs like u ?

  8. Voyager 8 months ago

    How to make ramp like in 1:48 ??

  9. RyanGamingXbox - Gaming and more 8 months ago

    It seems so complex. I just started watching and it seems so hard. I wish there was a program to make it easier, like themes and stuff and the it would like show you props then you can like just post it there. It is simply like the Portal 2 Multiverse Intiative.

  10. retro 8 months ago

    Shouldn't you say that you are supposed to place the entity spawns over the ground

  11. fri 8 months ago

    Hey will it help if i do concepts using Minecraft so it can be easier to adjust stuff????

  12. Prince Nerazz 8 months ago

    how do you change the grid size, I feel dumb watching your video trying to make a map

  13. HSP 8 months ago

    did you ever think about how annoying that random looping music is if you have to hear it for probably more than 20 minutes.. there's some great info in your videos, a few parts I picked up and didn't know yet.. but that music..

  14. Jeffan 8 months ago

    I made 3 large maps, and when I want to start these, It's says **leaked**… F*ck my life – 6days

  15. Lars Smallbone 8 months ago

    The easiest way to generate a new navmesh is to just put nav_generate into the console, not delete the file

  16. canadianiam 8 months ago

    you guys really want the community to build your maps huh

  17. skendzorz 8 months ago

    It took me 2 hours to build the t spawn area of my map. FeelsBadMan

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