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Look inside Sony SRS-X11 bluetooth Speaker – What's Inside?

Teardown: Look inside and how to remove grill Sony SRS-X11 Wireless compact ultra-portable bluetooth speaker – blue color + How to disassembly & assembly these Sony SRS X11 speakers. Some alternative from Sony wireless bluetooth speakers: Sony SRS-XB32, Sony SRS-XB22, Sony SRS-XB12, Sony SRS-XB41, Sony SRS-XB31, Sony SRS-XB21, Sony SRS-XB01, Sony SRS-XB40, Sony SRS-XB20, Sony SRS-XB10, Sony SRS-ZR5 or Sony SRS-ZR7. Also Sony made “Big Guns”: Sony GTK-XB72, Sony GTK XB60, Sony SRS-XB501G or Sony SRS-X99

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Sony SRS-X11 general specifications:
– Bluetooth version: 3.0
– Support: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
– Transducer: 1 x 45mm
– Output power: 10W
– Frequency response: 150-20,000 Hz
– Music playing time: 12 hours (varies by volume level and audio content)
– Weight: 215g

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  1. John Tyler Robert Domingo 10 months ago

    When you remove the cases, especially the middle one,can you still put it back as it is?

  2. STheGamer 10 months ago

    great job man and thank you for sacrificing the speaker for us, I really wanted to see how much MAh was the battery

  3. Christian Adame 10 months ago

    Ure a beast

  4. Mаксим Каммерер 10 months ago

    Сразу видно, разбирает рукожоп!

  5. jub8891 10 months ago

    good job destroying one of the best micro speakers ever made :thumbs up:

  6. Сергей Удача 10 months ago

    капец ты вандал

  7. Hoàn Đào Nguyên 10 months ago

    How many watts of driver ?

  8. AlfonsoASecas 10 months ago

    I have the same speaker and the same color.. Do you know if there will be an online store that will sell a replaceable battery for this Speaker? Thank you for this!

  9. Xgamer34 94 10 months ago

    Is that a fake?

  10. Speaker Tester. 10 months ago

    Very interesting! nice video

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