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LGD vs JDG Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Summer Season 2020 W6D4 LGD Gaming vs JD Gaming by Onivia

LGD vs JDG Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Summer Season 2020 W6D4 LGD Gaming vs JD Gaming by Onivia
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  1. Vice Versace 11 months ago

    The fight for the correct alphabetic order.

    P.S. Mark is crowned the tiltlord of 2020 after game 1.

  2. Lalbiakzuala Vanchhawng 11 months ago

    Peanut is back when Nidalee is in meta again

  3. Ollie Foggitt 11 months ago

    1.25 clean qiyana

  4. Alexis Lique 11 months ago

    support diff

  5. Hoại Anh 11 months ago

    9:15 nice job riot game

  6. Junho Seo 11 months ago

    Top gap

  7. Bill Yee 11 months ago


  8. Fantastic Gaming 11 months ago

    Commentator: Speaks in corona virus

  9. Allan Paolo Lapore 11 months ago

    Who came here for knowing it will be Peanut vs Kanavi ✋

  10. Marcos Boadas 11 months ago

    13:00 Nice focus!! 5 VS 3 and they dispesed… why not nashor, drake o full mid??? Why ashe behind Syndra??? LMAO LOLLLLLLL… When the IRON LEVEL INSIDE THEIR BLOOD COME OUT

  11. Justinus Guan 11 months ago

    Mark so bad

  12. x86 taha 11 months ago

    18:08 killed with cinderhulk passive (jg item)

  13. Ben ashton 11 months ago

    200 years of pain

  14. Dilshan Hettiarachchi 11 months ago

    holy shit, why do these teams prioritize any other adc over aphelios?? he's obviously OP

  15. Songze Liu 11 months ago

    12:03 the Chinese caster actually said the “Lee” got cc’d by Aphelios…

  16. 김종민 11 months ago

    Where is the English casting

  17. happy ju 11 months ago

    로컨 포지션잘잡네

  18. human being 11 months ago

    9:15 200 years of experience

  19. Psalm Genesis 11 months ago

    If only Kramer improves his positioning during team fights, they might have higher chance to win this series. Kudos to LvMaos Sett picks, good set plays.

  20. Ricardo Hoàng 11 months ago

    I just can't believe in my eyes – the Spring champion has bad bans/picks and many throws 😑

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