Layman's guide to cutting the cable (without Netflix)

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This is a layman’s guide about how to cut the cable and home phone service you get from the cable company. It teaches you how watch anything you want, for free and how to get free home phone service. The Free TV List:

Ooma’s free home phone service tax calculator here:

Comcast’s money-grubbing, content-blocking of NBC here:

This video will show you how to keep your old home phone number and landline and how to hook up your TV to the internet so you can watch all your shows, movies and local news, for free, without subscriptions to services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

You will be able to test all of the things in this video before you make a final decision either way, but it’s hard to argue with free, when you know how to get it.

It means you have to make a little adjustment from what you are used to. For example, your tv remote will now be a wireless keyboard and mouse. and the need to record your shows on a dvr will be eliminated because you can simply just stream them over the internet, without commercials, whenever you want, for free.

There is no reason to be intimidated by all the different ways you can connect your devices to each other. All you have to do is match the shapes of your ports to the corresponding cables.

Most flat screen televisions come with a number of different inputs, like VGA, RCA and HDMI being the most common. Most computers, especially laptops and even some tablets and smart phones come with some kind of secondary video output port. In older computers, VGA, S-video and DVI are the most common video ports. Newer devices usually come standard with a regular or mini-HDMI port.

Even though I cannot cover all of the different ways for you to connect your computer, tablet or smartphone to your television as there are just too many. It doesn’t mean that you can’t figure out what kind of ports you are working with and what kind of cables you’ll need.

Luckily for you, and the majority of others, it’s either going to be VGA, HDMI, or both. You will find them on the backs of your televisions and computers and it’s likely that you already have the cables you’ll need to hook them up. If it helps, just consider your television to be a giant computer monitor. After all, it has all the same hook ups.

HDMI can transfer uncompressed video, audio and data signals, very fast, on the same cable. This is why it is popular. So if find that your only option is VGA, DVI or S-video, you will have to manually configure your speakers and sound separately since they don’t carry audio signals like HDMI.


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  1. James Bordon 10 months ago

    There is no such free thing, You get what you didn’t pay for, Horrible quality, stuttering during playback, low bandwidth streaming, they disappear as soon as they get flagged, you computer will suffer some serious consequences ….etc

  2. Maggie Vada 10 months ago


  3. sarah movie reviewer 10 months ago

    Or you can just buy the shows you like on dvd or blu-ray

  4. Greg Bogdanis 10 months ago

    How about cleaning your House

  5. Ger Mc 10 months ago

    here is a handy one filehippo its a great website for free opensource alternative programmes free office free antivirus and photoshop alternative gimp also if you are the private type look up ultrasurf its a free ip hider works great

  6. kevin shaw 10 months ago

    i dont think layman would of done it this way,he,d use kodi lol

  7. North Dallas Guy 10 months ago

    Why the stupid computerized voice?

  8. Jeffrey Kuhn 10 months ago

    Is this website still working? It dont look like its the same as in the Video

  9. Dean Wright 10 months ago

    You look like a cop hater to me.

  10. Jennifer Neufeld 10 months ago

    I had over payed my telus bill just to br safe as I was having surgery well lighting hit my house and surged my router to the point it fried my bill in a month was 1700$:Thanks telus pick on people who are down

  11. Shirley Wright 10 months ago

    Magicjack is cheaper than ooma. The initial device is $35 which pays for the device and one year of service. You can buy 5 years of service for $99.99 after that. $20 a year is great.

  12. pssst3 10 months ago

    A video designed to discourage people from simple cord cutting by purchasing a dvr tv receiver box. Having NEVER subscribed to cable tv service, I found it simple to install a set top box to my TV's second HDMI input.

    Free content that isn't available direct from the content owners is only available from pirate sites. As time goes on, these pirate services will become harder to find, harder to use and less available.

    Legal cord cutting saves money by only paying for those channels and services that you actually watch, not for the 80% that you don't.

  13. pssst3 10 months ago

    Seems like a more is my and onrtous way to get to the same on demand streams as Kodi with Exodus.

  14. The Darci 13 10 months ago

    Sorry leaving cannot TAKE THE ROBOT VOICE NO NO NO NO!!!!!

  15. mmanda515 10 months ago

    Nice…. was that a VAPE on the table next to your OOMA being set up?? #ABillionLivesFilm (2 min trailer WELL worth the watch….. impacts EVERYONE!) FDA/govt classifying as "tobacco" somehow… putting rules/regs into place that were just made effective AUGUST 8th…. Unflippin'believable. Sickening, scary… exactly in line w/ what you were talking about! LIVE LONG(er) & VAPE ON! Appreciate all the info & your time.

  16. DJGames922 10 months ago

    try showbox works great its an android app.

  17. Sith'ari Azithoth 10 months ago

    I just think its weird how after talking about false flags, you clearly display BLM bias… but w/e.

  18. Monica Ramirez 10 months ago

    absolutely applaud you and agree 100% unfortunately I hav netflix n internet with wi-fi n cell phone I've seen all "these" companies are greedy oh and best yet I clean a Verizon in my area lol (btw I have straightalk) lmao vzw is nutz $100 mnth easy not including phone "payment" if u dnt own it hahahaha

  19. Ger Mc 10 months ago

    simple answear to free tv kodi youtube is full of videos on how to set it up

  20. The Talk of Las Vegas 10 months ago

    Would you ever consider reviewing this new live streaming video service with the Nuclius Ursa-Rhodium?

  21. jcasey5150 10 months ago

    Ignore all this crap. This is just as illegal as Torrentz and file lockers in the government's eyes. Torrentz and file locker links for TV shows show up minutes after the show has finished airing. The trick you will learn over time is your preferred and most convenient way to access your weekly shows. For most I use the link and all I have to do is click the U next to the shows I want and they cue up for download.

  22. brian baber 10 months ago

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  23. Voorhees Jason 10 months ago


  24. TheDanGaza 10 months ago

    it's already in motion to control all media

  25. Darill Fowler 10 months ago

    You should check out, this thing has everything you need! Just check it out and you'll see what I'm talking about! 😀 And you are welcome! 😀

  26. john davis 10 months ago

  27. Jjeffrey Cheeks 10 months ago

    GREAT VIDEO. This us all true. Thanks For The Truth.

  28. Spyralspyder 10 months ago


  29. Richard Miller 10 months ago

    about 4 dollars a month for phone through uma? magic jack is around 30 dollars A YEAR! ….

  30. Richard Miller 10 months ago

    the shells falling noise is annoying! but thanks for the info

  31. ManWithBigTittys 10 months ago

    This Video is funny. click, click, click, click, click.. lol. O shit you got a virus.. lol. Just use Kodi and the right plug-ins.

  32. hotslaw 10 months ago

    The Adblock extension makes this strategy so much easier for navigating the sites on pookyfish

  33. TheLivingDeadOne 10 months ago

    Clean that god damn place, start with that pizza box.

  34. 21kpatriot 10 months ago

    Fifteen people were white collar cable co. execs who gave this a thumbs down!

  35. Miguel Alvarez 10 months ago

    thank you fr your hope this gonna help other people good work y'all

  36. TECH REVIEWS 10 months ago

    We now have lower prices at *VOTED BEST MEDIA BOX IN THE USA 2015! Thanks!!!

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