It's Not Ideal – Live Stream

00:01:42 – Happy QoS!
00:02:25 – Finished Credenza!
00:04:50 – Thank you’s

00:05:41 – Earbuds shootout update!

00:07:08 – Jumpin’ into the Woodpeckers

00:15:22 – How far down the leg should the screw for a leg vice be? Is 2 1/8″ thick enough for the chop?
00:17:59 – What’s the pros and cons of putting end caps on both ends of Andy’s tail vice?

00:20:00 – Would you have used Andy’s twin screw vice if you were to rebuild your Roube now?
00:22:00 – Marc’s health update
00:23:37 – Do you consider sapwood a defect?
00:25:04 – Can you recommend an efficient way to sand edge profiles?

00:28:10 – Should raw lumber thicknesses coorespond to inch measuremnts?

00:31:02 – How do I make it up to my wife that I used her good measuring cup for Shellac?
00:33:41 – Would I have a problem using a large end grain butcher block as a table top? What kind of base should I use?
00:35:50 – What is your expiernce with Footprint hand chisels?
00:36:50 – What size dovetail bit should I use for a sliding dovetail to attach front and back to sides of a chest of drawers?
00:39:55 – How are winners chosen for the draw?
00:40:40 – Any idea how tall the hall tree storage bench will be?

00:41:54 – What’s the best way to get in touch with Marc?
00:44:04 – What tooth count on a dovetail saw would you recommend?
00:45:54 – Are biscuits good for production work? Do riser blocks have any negative effect on bandsaw cut quality?
00:47:42 – Austin Hardwoods book launch party!

00:51:34 – Is there a recommended first aid kit in the Amazon store?

00:52:26 – What is your favorite tool in the shop?
00:53:55 – More Matt Cremona jokes!
00:55:00 – Have you ever used glue-sizing for a work surface?
00:56:13 – How do I get wax out of a project that is stuck in the grain after finishing?
00:57:50 – Has anyone carried a 15″ planer into the basement?
00:59:27 – Is pressure treated lumber ok for a bench build?
01:02:40 – Can you review your wax buffing process?
01:06:03 – New season of The Wood Whisperer on Amazon prime!

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  1. Moises Robles 9 months ago

    We want more woodworking kaboooooom

  2. Mike 9 months ago

    I haven't watched a Friday live for a couple months due to our Mom's extended illness and passing. Thanks for the diversion.

  3. 141poolplayer 9 months ago

    That credenza is beautiful. You did a great job. I would like to ask anyone who criticizes it to let me see one of their perfect projects.

  4. Harrison Zucker 9 months ago

    It would be very interesting for you to go through some of the tools you have and tell us how they have lasted. For example, how is the Festool track saw lasting? How are those hand tools doing? Do you update things frequently? It would be really great to learn from you as a heavy user, with how things wear and/or remain accurate

  5. Craig Chingren-Hamann 9 months ago

    IF you didn't know already Comply ear buds have replacements for may different brands of headphones. I got a set for my BEATS and love them!

  6. Tom Gionet 9 months ago

    Aww, 4/13 is my birthday but you're 3/4 of th eway across the country 🙁

  7. Simon Slobodnik 9 months ago

    Love Marc's shirt! Duck Tales rule!!

  8. 909sickle 9 months ago

    If you put the leg vice screw towards the bottom, the entire vice will tilt as the screw pulls in on the bottom. If you put the screw towards the top, it will still tilt, but tilt less. But you also won't be able to put a tall workpiece in, because it will hit the screw. There are several solutions to stop leg vice tilting. There's (1) the criss-cross / scissor joint / St. Peter's Cross, (2) parallel guides, (3) the pin-board. With an anti-tilt mechanism in place, the screw can be placed anywhere that is horizontally centered on the vice. Ideally, this would be as far down as you could (to allow for clamping of the tallest workpiece), while still being within comfortable reaching distance (because the wheel will be centered on the screw and you'll obviously have to reach it to turn it).

  9. Nathan Terepocki 9 months ago

    One of my favorite parts of the week!

  10. Joe Faraone 9 months ago

    Love you guys! Glad your lips aren't making like the bad Godzilla movie translations from the 60's…. #justsayin

  11. Big Fat Tony's 9 months ago

    FootPrint tools is a UK company similar in many ways to Stanley. In the US, they are best known for a 12 piece cabinet makers screw driver set that was modeled after, maybe copied from, the defunct Clay company, also of the UK. The handles are oval. Footprint made the screwdriver set in about 1999. Footprint chisels, jump into a UK based WW forum to get more info.

  12. Gforceracing20 9 months ago

    Taking a tip from the Joe Rogan podcast, maybe if you throw up a TWW logo for the last 20 seconds it would be less awkward for y'all.

  13. veric13 9 months ago

    Don't feel bad about reminding people to like a video if they liked it. I almost always forget to click the like button, even though I like a lot of them. I don't mind the reminder as long as it comes across as a reminder.

  14. Jeff Waite 9 months ago

    How do you fill the oak woodgrain mentioned @ 56:13 and does this work on oak plywood? Thank you

  15. Steve Hiemstra 9 months ago

    I’ve noticed 🤓

  16. David Disko 9 months ago

    Soundpeats with Comply tips less than $35

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