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IBM Cognitive(Cognify) round has changed to gaming round now. Here is the detailed explanation of new IBM Cognify round step by step analysis. IBM is an indian multinational company. Many Engineering graduates are applying for IBM now.

If you want practice questions, and more tips to clear the exam, Please go through….

To watch Part-2 i.e Last two sections, Click the link

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I’m Sriram Gundepudi, professional Aptitude Trainer from APTITUDE ADDA with an notable experience in training industry. Trained more than 10000 students in the field of aptitude with remarkable output. Now, presenting you here with detailed analysis of IBM Cognitive round (Gaming round).

APTITUDE ADDA, we are experts in company specific training.

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  1. shaila sri 11 months ago

    Hi..I have written the cognitive gaming test 4 days ago for the role of senior technical support associate..can you please let me know when can I expect the results..please help me

  2. Berin Aksit 11 months ago

    What's the name of this test? Is it ACAT cognitive ability assessment? Because mine says it takes 45 mins and requires a calculator.

  3. Damanpreet Kaur 11 months ago

    Hi, Can u show resemble 90 degrees clockwise? Thanx

  4. sneha sequeira 11 months ago

    Thank you so much very helpful tutorial please keep the good work

  5. Nneka Jennifer 11 months ago

    Thank you so much for your kind and quick response and explanatory videos. you are the best. God bless you.

  6. Anselm O. Etiobhio 11 months ago

    Many Thanks Sriram for this video. Really helpful and enlighten. Please keep up with the good work you are doing. Great. ! Ans

  7. marcelaluque 11 months ago

    Thank you very much!!! Really helpful, easy to understand and completely clear information

  8. Abdul Majid Karim 11 months ago

    Both first examples you are doing it wrong calculations, as I think, as an example: 4+2+ 5 = 11 and the alternative route is 6+2+5 = 13; So obviously the first option is right…!

  9. bindhu madhuri 11 months ago

    This helped a lot… Thanks for capturing

  10. Aderopo Adeyemi 11 months ago

    Thank you for the resources. Really helpful

  11. Suresh Babu 11 months ago

    This is very useful and helpful to get a brief idea – very well explained . Thanks Sriram , keep up the good work 👏👏

  12. Tanveer Shaikh 11 months ago

    It was simple to understand Thanks Sriram

  13. Alessandro Gambarini 11 months ago

    Many thanks, for your video, useful to familiarize yourself with the games' rules. In any case, when you're taking the test, you've to expect a much higher degree of complexity (coupled with the limited available time). Moreover, it's difficult to say if you will get a higher score doing fewer errors/finding the best solutions but being slower and doing fewer levels, or doing more errors but being faster an doing more levels.

  14. Antan Banerjee 11 months ago

    thanks brother!!

  15. Vincent Valdez 11 months ago

    What do you mean, "Ping to Whatsapp number?"

  16. Mujeeb Ahmed 11 months ago

    Nice video. Thanks alot sir.. I hope You will explain Bank exams preparation process nd questions too

  17. Akshay Zarekar 11 months ago

    Very helpful, thank you so much…

  18. sowmya mudhiraj 11 months ago

    Your videos helped a lot sir!!!
    Thanq sir!!!

  19. Nneka Jennifer 11 months ago


  20. ASHISH ATRE 11 months ago

    thanks for the video

  21. adesh gadekar 11 months ago

    Very nicely done sir.

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