How-to use Squadron "Tie Fighter" (and Uniques) – Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)

How to use the Squadron “Tie Fighter” and/or its uniques in Star Wars Armada.
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Currently this squadron or one of its unique squadrons has been issued one clarification by FFG.
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If you feel anything is in error, please leave a comment!

Please know, that my explanations are not based on how “I” feel a card works (unless I state that) but to show credibility, know that I have TO’ed at GenCon 2019 for FFG, I ensure I’m conversing with persons that have TO’d at regionals, nationals, or worlds for Star Wars Armada. The card or rule explanations are not officially supported by FFG.

These are rulings by human beings working with what we’re currently given by FFG. FFG can (and likely will) make changes or clarifications that will either coincide or invalidate what is said.


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  1. TheAllaksion 11 months ago

    Thank you for this squadron tutorial the squadron face is even more important or at least as important as the starships. Armada seems to be a combination of X wing miniatures and armada starships

  2. hippy99504 11 months ago

    We have a house rule that is SET IN STONE no deviations allowed "Anytime a Tie Fighter squadron of any kind performs a move action, SOMEONE in the room must loudly vocalize a "Rrrraaawwwwrrrr" sound. (preferably the player performing the action)

  3. Kevin Selzer 11 months ago

    Admiral Chiraneau with Mauler is oh so fun dealing with pesky rebel scum 🙂

  4. Daniel Allen 11 months ago

    Excellent. I'll definitely rewatch this. While most authors use sensationalism and over-title their videos..I feel like you do the opposite.

  5. thenovelshark 11 months ago

    I don't quite understand your clarification regarding "Snipe". Were you saying that Valen Rudor can be attacked with Snipe even if the sniper is engaged? I assumed that's what you were meaning, but just wanted to clarify.

  6. SWAE 11 months ago

    Quick note:
    Friendly squadrons are never engaged with themselves. Meaning Mauler never hurts friendly squads with his movement.
    Also Maulers ability is only triggered from a movement. Not a placement, when he gets overlapped, he is placed back down. Not moved.

    if a Snipe Squad is engaged with both Rudor and another enemy Squad he cannot use snipe on Rudor. As it is still an engaged attack.
    Pretty much if your sniper Squadron is engaged by enemy Squadron he cannot use snipe on Rudor.

    Black Squadron –
    Howlrunner –
    Mauler –
    Rudor –

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