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GoPro 8 vs Sony X3000: It's Not Even Close

In an epic battle of old king of action cams vs the young lion trying to dethrone him, can the little Sony X3000 put up a fight against the new Gopro Hero 8? Has Sony finally been surpassed in image stabilization, sharpness, colours AND fun factor? What’s the new best action camera for vlogging in 2019?

GoPro 8
Sony X3000

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  1. Camera Conspiracies 4 months ago

    GoPro 8 https://amzn.to/2NQN27O

    Sony X3000 https://amzn.to/2NQN8wc

  2. MrRoverpilot 4 months ago

    Take into consideration that you no longer have to pay $550 for the Sony. The average in-store price is closer to $350

  3. Don The Trainer 4 months ago

    Dude! you are effin hilarious!!!

  4. Sesli Düşünüyorum 4 months ago

    Sony make a camera and kills all. Because they dont want to steal peoples money.

  5. bitspacemusic 4 months ago

    It's june 2020 and there is no Sony killer. The only choice is still the Sony JFK X9000, which came out in 1984. The GoPro form factor is a joke. There's no way to be sneaky with a rectangular slab that has the lens on the flat side. Am I suppose to learn palming or something? Nah, the Sony can be held like a TV-remote, it can hide perfectly in your hand, that lil lens sticking out between my thumb and pointing finger. If I don't need to be sneaky, there's another Sony for the job, the A7r II! Get this GoPro crap outta here.

  6. Bryan What!! 4 months ago

    your from Canada. Cool never been there yet.

  7. BOXING PUNCHALOT 4 months ago

    T un gros pourri

  8. Михаил Чураков 4 months ago

    Sony is better in microphone and night videos.

  9. artistjoh 4 months ago

    Dang diddly doo dash it. When thinking about it I was full of that old time Dutch courage to say how good the GoPro is and be dang darned about the 17 months. I’m a big man. I can do it.

    But there is something about my keyboard that just drains the courage away. I want to do it, but the thought of 17 months without a Conspiracy fix is just too much. I am weak, and getting weaker. Dash dang you Conspiracy Camera! The drugs you have been putting into my video stream is just too much. I can’t go cold turkey for 17 months. So I have to lie and say the Sony is so much better, so much sharper, but it’s audio is not as good as the GoPro.

    See what you have made me do? I hang my head in shame that my addiction is laid bare like this. Gosh darn diddly doo it!

  10. Jimboyrulez 4 months ago

    does the Sony have something like pro tune or slog or cine4???

  11. Tamil Canadian Vlogg 4 months ago

    Is he paid by Henry's? Sony X3000 is used by Vloggers like Bold and Bankrupt and Harold balder

  12. Mark Bow 4 months ago

    Battery life sucks on the Gopro. Customer support is terrible. Accessories are way way over priced . Mic adapter is massive and so out dated .Sony is better.

  13. Cedric James 4 months ago

    You are crazy lol I have a good time watching your vids man.

  14. Kerry Hutchings 4 months ago

    I haven't laughed so hard and enjoyed a review … I have to follow you since I'm Canadian as well living in the Great USA …

  15. LanceCampeau 4 months ago

    "I'm a color artist, I went to color school"….. instant sub

  16. VEGA-FranK 4 months ago

    Damn he’s like ridiculous

  17. Bazz Leaveblank 4 months ago

    Sony field of view is better…..

  18. Samuel Samuel 4 months ago

    So go on —why are you not comparing them at nighttime ?

  19. Dawn Crusader 4 months ago

    love your channel! knowledgeable and entertaining

  20. smarty415 4 months ago

    This was incredibly helpful and funny! Thank you for this!

  21. Craving Trails 4 months ago

    Don't give up on the Sony yet. The GoPro still sucks in low light! Nothing beats optical stabilization in the dark.

  22. RevMatchTV 4 months ago

    The Sony is useless with an external mic unfortunately.

  23. The Parawakening 4 months ago

    LMFAO! Bro you reaction was priceless during the comparison.

  24. seekingjoynow 4 months ago

    Costco has the GoPro 8 for 299 with some accessories. I think I'll buy it after this review.

  25. matt22blaster 4 months ago

    just earned a sub. Had no idea I could receive so much joy from a review video.

  26. Roller Coaster Addict 4 months ago

    Your Settings on the Sony are not Correct … DO A REAL REVIEW and stop CAPPING on GoPro B/S!

  27. RoScFan 4 months ago

    my 2015 aswoov looks better than the x3000… something worng with it. the x3000 is out of focus in a way my supposedly midrange as200v isnt..

  28. Mikkel Stæhr 4 months ago

    I really like your style man! Great but still suttle humor.. 👍 Keep vlog'in dude!!

  29. Fitrifbs 4 months ago

    Sorry but you compare 2016 camera with 2019? 😂

  30. eoin mccann 4 months ago

    its as well i didnt buy the sony from watching your last review on it lol

  31. 1stNightingale 4 months ago

    The sony is out of focus, needs to be recalibrated

  32. Amine Cbrscrt 4 months ago

    Seriously ? you compare a 2016 product with a 2019 one ?

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