GEOS Seminar Series: Richard Koehler (Part 1 of 2)

Far-Field Plate Boundary Deformation: Paleoseismic Perspectives from Nevada and Alaska

Dr. Koehler’s research is focused on earthquake geology, Quaternary geology, paleoseismology, geomorphology, and engineering geology. Dr. Koehler is specialized in using advanced techniques including air photo, lidar, and satellite imagery interpretation, Quaternary geologic and geomorphic mapping, and surveying to assess geohazards in a wide variety of terrains. He is particularly well versed on topics in Quaternary Geology in Nevada and Alaska, and is currently developing ‘paleo-DEM’s’ from historic air photos using structure from motion software (SfM).

His paleoseismic research has been conducted throughout the western U.S. and he has been involved in international projects in Turkey, Taiwan, Jamaica, and Haiti.


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