Ep. 20 – Cory McElroy of Aquarium Co-Op on international differences in the hobby


I am joined by Cory McElroy, owner of Aquarium Co-Op, to discuss how the tropical fish hobby differs across the globe; specifically, between the United States, China, Japan, and Germany.  Cory has a unique perspective being that he is a hobbyist and a retail store owner.
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  1. Andrew Goldfish 10 months ago

    wow awesome interview. so glad i found this.

  2. Mich Callen 10 months ago

    Welcome to the Co-op gang from an avid watcher, hope all goes well in your new job. 🙂

  3. Oma.arre.1 10 months ago

    This podcast is awesome.

  4. A Z 10 months ago

    I think my 55 gal is huge D:

  5. Liz Dyson 10 months ago

    Hi I think Cory is awesome, I have special needs and am just looking to go into an extra care facility. I have two small fish tanks. I have been on Cory's Facebook page and YouTube channel since June. I would love to meet him, Jimmy and Murphy. I'm in the UK though. Shucks.

  6. River Life 10 months ago

    Very good podcast – great audio 👍

  7. Patrick Goncalves 10 months ago

    Cory is popular because he gives great advice, he is not a fish snob, always cool fish, appreciates the hobby, loves aquarium hobby.

  8. Fish R Relaxing 10 months ago

    Hydor makes a prefilter kit with attachments to fit it to any intake. Fit my fx6 perfect after removing the strainer section. Made w the same quality 20ppi sponge as their sponge filters

  9. ShelbyRae Lane 10 months ago

    One of my all time fav fish people.

  10. George of the Aquatic Jungle 10 months ago

    This is the first I've heard of your podcast, and I really enjoyed it!

  11. Bentley Pascoe 10 months ago

    Great interview. It's sometimes a shame to think I never see Cory at the shop, but I love the content he does and the wonderful work his staff at the local shop does.

  12. The Everything Channel 10 months ago


  13. Vexing Cat 10 months ago

    I have been hoping this interview would happen!

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