CVPR 2019 Oral Session 2-2A: Recognition

0:00 Panoptic Feature Pyramid Network Alexander Kirillov (Facebook AI Reserach)*; Kaiming He (Facebook AI Research); Ross Girshick (FAIR); Piotr Dollar (FAIR)

4:58 Mask Scoring R-CNN Zhaojin Huang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology); Lichao Huang (Horizon Robotics); Yongchao Gong (Horizon Robotics ); Chang Huang (Horizon Robotics); Xinggang Wang (Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology)*

9:55 Reasoning-RCNN: Unifying Adaptive Global Reasoning into Large-scale Object Detection Hang Xu (Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab); ChenHan Jiang (Sun Yat-sen University); Xiaodan Liang (Sun Yat-sen University)*; Liang Lin (Sun Yat-sen University); Zhenguo Li (Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab)

16:45 Cross-Modality Personalization for Retrieval Nils Murrugarra-Llerena (University of Pittsburgh)*; Adriana Kovashka (University of Pittsburgh)

22.00 Composing Text and Image for Image Retrieval – An Empirical Odyssey Nam Vo (Georgia Institute of Technology)*; Lu Jiang (Google); Chen Sun (Google); Kevin Murphy (Google); Li-Jia Li (Stanford); Li Fei-Fei (Stanford University); James Hays (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

26:42 Arbitrary Shape Scene Text Detection with Adaptive Text Region Representation Xiaobing Wang (Samsung Research Institute China-Beijing)*; Yingying Jiang ( Samsung Research China,Beijing); Zhenbo Luo ( Samsung Research Institute China-Beijing); Cheng-lin Liu (Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences); Hyunsoo Choi (SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD); Sungjin Kim (SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD)

33:26 Adaptive NMS: Refining Pedestrian Detection in a Crowd Songtao Liu (BUAA); Di Huang (Beihang University, China)*; Yunhong Wang (State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and System, Beihang University, Beijing 100191, China)

38:31 Point in, Box out: Beyond Counting Persons in Crowds yuting liu (sichuan university)*; Miaojing Shi (Inria Rennes); Qijun Zhao (Sichuan University); Xiaofang Wang (Inria Rennes)

43:39 Locating Objects Without Bounding Boxes Javier Ribera (Purdue University)*; David Güera (Purdue University); Yuhao Chen (Purdue University); Edward Delp (Purdue University)

51:36 FineGAN: Unsupervised Hierarchical Disentanglement for Fine-Grained Object Generation and Discovery Krishna Kumar Singh (University of California Davis)*; Utkarsh Ojha (University of California, Davis); Yong Jae Lee (University of California, Davis)

56:40 Mutual Learning of Complementary Networks via Residual Correction for Improving Semi-Supervised Classification Si Wu (South China University of Technology)*; Jichang Li (South China University of Technology); Cheng Liu (City University of Hong Kong); Zhiwen Yu (South China University of Technology); Hau San Wong (City University of Hong Kong)

1:01:45 Sampling Techniques for Large-Scale Object Detection from Sparsely Annotated Objects Yusuke Niitani (Preferred Networks, Inc.)*; Takuya Akiba (Preferred Networks, Inc.); Tommi Kerola (Preferred Networks, Inc.); Toru Ogawa (Preferred Networks, Inc.); Shotaro Sano (Preferred Networks, Inc.); Shuji Suzuki (Preferred Networks, Inc.)

1:09:45 Curls & Whey: Boosting Black-Box Adversarial Attacks Yucheng Shi (Tianjin University); Siyu Wang (Tianjin University); Yahong Han (Tianjin University)*

1:14:51 Barrage of Random Transforms for Adversarially Robust Defense Edward Raff (Booz Allen Hamilton)*; Jared Sylvester (Booz Allen Hamilton); Steven Forsyth (Nvidia); Mark McLean (Laboratory for Physical Sciences)

1:19:58 Aggregation Cross-Entropy for Sequence Recognition Zecheng Xie (South China University of Technology); Yaoxiong Huang (South China University of Technology); Yuanzhi Zhu (South China University of Technology); Lianwen Jin (South China University of Technology)*; Yuliang Liu (South China University of Technology); Lele Xie (South China University of Technology)

1:27:40 LaSO: Label-Set Operations networks for multi-label few-shot learning Amit Alfassy (IBM-Research); Leonid Karlinsky (IBM-Research)*; Amit Aides (IBM); Joseph Shtok (IBM-Reseach); Sivan Harary (IBM-Research); Rogerio Feris (IBM Research AI, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab); Raja Giryes (Tel Aviv University); Alex Bronstein (Technion)

1:32:45 Few-Shot Learning with Localization in Realistic Settings Davis Wertheimer (Cornell)*; Bharath Hariharan (Cornell University)

1:37:47 AdaGraph: Unifying Predictive and Continuous Domain Adaptation through Graphs Massimiliano Mancini (Sapienza University of Rome)*; Samuel Rota Bulò (Mapillary Research); Barbara Caputo (IIT); Elisa Ricci (FBK – Technologies of Vision)


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