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Best Sony Phones 2017: What's the best Xperia for me?

Best Sony phones 2017: We list our pick of the best Sony Xperia smartphones, from budget Sony mobiles to the very best flagship Xperia handsets.

Sony is one of the biggest global smartphone manufacturers, after more than a decade of experience. With their slick, iconic design, serious media chops and industry-leading camera tech, Sony Xperia phones are some of the best handsets you can buy in the UK.

Our favourites include: Sony Xperia XZ, Xperia X, Xperia X Compact, Xperia Z5 Compact, Xperia Z5 and the Xperia E5.

Read the full round-up of best Sony phones you can buy in 2017: www.recombu.com/mobile/article/best-sony-phones

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  1. Akshay Chaturvedi 1 day ago

    xz premium awarded in 2017 fastest phone in #MWC

  2. เจ้าชาย หมาป่า 1 day ago


  3. ShadowAussie101 1 day ago

    My first was a Sony Ericsson brick phone 8 years later Z3

  4. I'm a real Boy 1 day ago

    I am watching this on a Sony Xperia z5

  5. Miguel Martinez 1 day ago

    Sony xperia x compact look amazing!

  6. Amit Dev 1 day ago

    Please main bolo

  7. Bawstin 1 day ago

    Why do so many youtubers say "zed" instead of "z"?

  8. The iNsider 1 day ago

    Though my first phone was Walkman series w700 (12 years ago 😁) from Sony, I’m not sure whether I should go for Sony Xperia with Samsung and iPhone taking the edge in smartphone platform! Currently I’m using iPhone yet I need an android phone to compensate certain areas which iOS platform doesn’t provide!

  9. Asian Jesus 1 day ago

    Phone of the Pro Otakus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

  10. android arab 1 day ago

    what aboute the z5 premium . is it worth it !!

  11. Omega Drake 1 day ago

    I'm seeing on sites it's not water resistant on the xperia x

  12. Abdulla MT 1 day ago

    I am Buying to Get a xperia z5 compact. Can anybody tell its price?

  13. kloos 070 1 day ago

    No Sony phone is a good one. I've had mine for less than a year and keeps dropping my wifi connection. After a very long chat with my SP, I was told by them that the Sony phones are flawed – they often have that problem. And after correspondence with Sony, they will not help me until I ship my off to them, which I cannot because I only have a cell phone-the Xpereia with a HUGE FLAW. Don''t listen to the Sony-sponsored high-fives about any of the Xperia phones. They are crap.

  14. Catman 1 day ago

    I feel like you can kill someone or oneself with a sony phone … don't know why

  15. OG Gamer 1 day ago

    Is the Sony xperia e5 good plz tell me

  16. Shannon Harvey 1 day ago

    I love Android

  17. Joseph Arce 1 day ago

    I love Sony smartphones better than Samsung

  18. takumipd 1 day ago

    whats the bgm ?

  19. Żœ 1 1 day ago

    Xa1 plus !!! 😒😐

  20. DayneJW 1 day ago

    I'm loving that style with the bezels. Classy and modern, even though many phones are pretty much just screen-only. Sony phones stand out

  21. fredlee john 1 day ago

    just show the phone please not else.. this is about phone

  22. Hoen Zhang 1 day ago

    Everybody forgot about the Xperia X Performance 🙁

  23. david10006 1 day ago

    once again a bunch of PHONE reviews with little or no mention at all of actual sound and call quality. my Xperia ZL was great looking and had the same great cam that these have ,but it also had audio that sounded like it came from an empty soup can. lesson learned.

  24. Rahul Kumar 1 day ago

    My phone is xa dual no lag and hang best phone

  25. Majed Mansour 1 day ago

    How about Sony Xperia a1

  26. Mirjana Lazić 1 day ago


  27. David Dhoray 1 day ago

    I need honest opinions I bought the e5 it's OK the keys are slow and take while to pickup my touch but I had the XA before (dropped into a pot of hot water at work) and I feel the XA handled better in performance over the E5

  28. Laughing Madness 1 day ago

    my xperia xa1 Ultra has a 23 mega Pixel camera too so the xz is kinda not worth buying now

  29. Ray Kowalski 1 day ago

    I can't understand him because of his accent or hear him because of the noise in the background!

  30. STUDiO RifPRODS 1 day ago

    Sony Xperia Goodphones…forever.

  31. anup nair 1 day ago

    My z2 Is a beast and within 1 week getn my xz premium

  32. K.Aisuru 1 day ago

    sony xperia e1 suks

  33. Corporate Slave 1 day ago

    Such a big bezel but no physical buttons!! No wonder I don't see anybody with a Sony phones lol..

  34. Nana Kofi Addae 1 day ago


  35. Samiha Quazi 1 day ago

    Which xperia should i buy from all these??

  36. Abby Chelle 1 day ago

    I need help, sony x or z5?

  37. Mark John Salazar 1 day ago

    No Sony L1???😥😥

  38. Jack Mac 1 day ago

    What was the yellow phone?! Z5 was reviewed twice

  39. Pr1mEHub 1 day ago

    What about l1

  40. Stalwart Shinobi 1 day ago

    Why get rid of water resign!!?

  41. ADIFF PALACE HOTEL 1 day ago

    xz premium beast

  42. Corporate North 1 day ago

    how is XA1

  43. Naleo analeo 1 day ago

    I always love sony xperia both Huawei

  44. Μαρτ Μ 1 day ago

    sony the best

  45. Sourav Satpute 1 day ago

    how's the xa1 ultra

  46. Mikaela Canto 1 day ago

    Which Xperia should I get if my priority is photography and battery life?

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