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Best F2P Units to farm EARLY in One Piece Treasure Cruise!!!! Guide & Walkthrough (Pseudo Tierlist)

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  1. G. Waits4Gainz 11 months ago

    thank you sooooo much! i do love ya. my friend loves the game since 2015 and he gopt me into it this month of july right at the start of some super powerful f2p ervents and rewards. this guide helps a fucking ton for my plans for the first few months. THANK YUOU!!

  2. m 11 months ago

    @AsianGuyOPTC how do you max psy luffy support ?

  3. VladtheEternal 11 months ago

    As a returning player (played more than 540 days between Anni 1 and Anni 3) i love this video. I totally dunno which units i have to prioritize but now i know the war plans! Ready to rock with my Luffy/Law + G4 V2 account

  4. Reynold Solomon 11 months ago

    This might sound dumb but mind u im a new player. Where do i find the map to farm these character? I just finish rerolling. Got myself law/luffy, sangoro, kaido, komurasaki, dex blackbeard g4v2luffy n dex nami as legend. Which unit should i focus on to farm these f2p unit? N what r the team to use.

  5. Mrtcupz 11 months ago

    Thanks for this im new to the game and i just got boa hancock is she good?

  6. Paul Vizcarra 11 months ago

    How do you upgrade the specials for clash/neo units? Are there books for them?

  7. Dog with a top hat 11 months ago

    No one told me it was a noob mistake to buy skulls from Rayleigh, I have spent over 200k points on skulls I had no Idea I could get them from ambush. Is my account rip?

  8. Jerick Manocdoc 11 months ago

    can you suggest me soba mask team with the greates damage?

  9. Nate Brown 11 months ago

    Don't see enough people talking about how crazy that new Monet is. If your box is tiny that unit is explosive.

  10. giacomo pellerito 11 months ago

    anyone knows how long will have on global the various raid/clash based on types???

  11. Justxfied Oh 11 months ago

    Not sure if it has been done before but I feel like I'd really enjoy watching a ''From scratch'' series where you make a new account and progress like you mentioned in this video

  12. giacomo pellerito 11 months ago

    in the ambushes only INT skulls….and i need a lot of blu

  13. Chris 11 months ago

    Lol guys you remember the time when Boris disrespected Atsus race back then? Pepperidge Farm remembers


    Iv'e been playing for 6 years since release of the game and turns out im still a noob and need to learn how to play properly 🙁 after all that time i only have 22 Legend characters as well,and im struggling to progress further in the game at this point,and ive never spent money in the game and dont plan to so geuss ill still always suck at the game and have bad luck,good luck to all who play and may ur pulls be glorius!!!

  15. Es ASD 11 months ago

    There is a possibility to play both sv (Japan and global) on same phone?

  16. Srinivasa Muralidhar 11 months ago

    Grinding tm

  17. Da Goat-Butter 11 months ago

    Can't wait for the anniversary for global

  18. Mr. Italy 11 months ago

    Very good video, pls do this for support units and for Lrr units =)

  19. Frozen Riptide 11 months ago

    Great video but I hate farming linlin. She's not replaceable at all in many teams and Bandai made her very difficult to farm on purpose.

  20. wolfVFV 11 months ago

    could you make a video with great support unit? (farmable/pulls?)

  21. Geoffroy Da Silva 11 months ago

    Can rare recruit Neptune replace the one from the list?

  22. • Ban 11 months ago

    Really thanks again for giving a time to both sides, great work keep up the guidance

  23. Marwan Amine 11 months ago

    how i can get crystal skull

  24. Cora San 11 months ago

    literally embarrassed rn that I've been playing for 4 years and still haven't farmed linlin inv LOL

  25. Travis Jones 11 months ago

    When it comes to treasure map units i think it a depends on your starting legends. If you pull the new snakeman sure go with big mom. If you have nami and Robin you should really be going with shanks and Beckman. If you have sabo koala you should probably be going with the green shanks. And honestly weevil of you use stamped luffy wouldn't be bad.

  26. Alex Honda 11 months ago

    I'm glad that you are doing more content other than just pulls. I really enjoy your videos.

  27. Fernando Cuevas 11 months ago

    This is great bc I just now recovered my old account. Ty Atsu!

  28. Γιάννης Αθανασίου 11 months ago

    More like 4 -5 – 3 – 2 – 1

  29. SuMan Lamsal 11 months ago

    You missed colo dex kid and I think neo colo neptune is much better than int neptune. Why m saying this is b’coz if you dont have leg jack., you can run neo colo neptune as your cap and kid as a sub…. boom!!!! Fortnights and turtle isl are damn easy. M also missing JACK😆😆😆😆

  30. FunPunch Mo 11 months ago

    Hey Atsu, do you how to get the dreadnaught sabre ship? Since missions aren't available anymore on the baratie, idk where to get it

  31. Lucky Lewis 11 months ago

    Can you remember when you and Boris fell out? 😂🤣

  32. Luffy3D2Y 11 months ago

    Supertype Chopper getting the chopping axe :'D

  33. Z. N. 11 months ago

    About Bellamy: you can auto-farm it with a friend Kaido and nothing else in the team, I maxed mine like that (also, you should really care about his limit break, you can use his special twice in a row).

  34. Sohum Khot 11 months ago

    Great work 😀

  35. Sunil Gupta 11 months ago

    Amazing informative video….

  36. Florida Man 11 months ago

    I’m endgame and have all of these guys but still give you a watch cause I enjoy these

  37. Muantea 21 11 months ago

    "Farm early" and then adds linlin ambush on the thumbnail lmao

  38. Ivan T 11 months ago

    A good tip for TM units, focus to low the cooldown of the skill around in 20< turns. New players require to partially limit break the TM units.
    As Always Atsu teambellissimo

  39. Huggy 11 months ago

    ayy this is super useful thank you

  40. _ NR 11 months ago

    great vid, thank you!!

  41. Jortsdude 11 months ago

    Thanks for this, will help my ftp account

  42. Sidar Tan 11 months ago

    I want katakuri

  43. TheStormRaptor 11 months ago

    Enel or Emninem lol

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