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Mali Graphics Debugger is a tool built to help you to optimize your graphics applications for mobile platforms. From UE4.15 onward, using Mali Graphics Debugger with your project is as easy as selecting an option in your project settings window. Be sure to read the ARM blog post Building an Unreal Engine application with Mali Graphics Debugger, covering the features and benefits of the MGD tool, as well as how to enable and use it with the UE4 editor. Also be sure to read ARM Guide for UE4 Optimizing Mobile Gaming Graphics for more. Then follow @ARMMobile on twitter for the latest updates.


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  1. N nOni 10 months ago

    This was totally useless for us as GearVr developer, this is way more complicated and its for engineers, i need to see GPU utilization/ GPU stalls all these simple things that GPU stat show on PC. why i can't have that on android? i don't know if i have vertex or pixel bottleneck on my game and this isn't helping at all.

  2. Adam Mann 10 months ago

    Have fun in Spain Gabe from the Office.

  3. Sezze's Stuff 10 months ago

    0:48 the last stream you are on? Where are you going? :/

  4. CaffeineInjected 10 months ago

    <3 UE4

  5. chen 10 months ago

    The only one disadvantage is: not every android smart-phone provide an easy way/vendor provided rooted system,I have to concern about root utility insert some Trojan/virus/hijack malware to my smart-phone, compared the two way of using MGD, I'm preffer the rooted version, just because the non-modified final App is more close to the retail version of my game.

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