Android Box Issues, Let's Fix It, I Got 99 Problems But My Box Ain't 1

In this tutorial I show you how to fix some of the more common android box issues, and complaints! Fix Youtube, and Google play store on your android box plus update your Google Play Services framework so that all of your favorite APKS run smoothly!

Apps not installing is typically one of the most common issues when starting up your android box for the first time!

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Xem thêm bài viết khác:

  1. Rozzville 6 months ago

    Not working

  2. mark scanlon 6 months ago

    Hi I've tried doing this but still get server error spoke to seller who says uninstall the app and reinstall should I do this please thanks!.

  3. Jatin Rohera 6 months ago

    Bro I can't add my Google account to my MXq pro 4k plss can u help me.

  4. K A I Johnson 6 months ago

    The name of the title of the video is so gay

  5. Ray Hurley 6 months ago

    I downloaded dorkhdbox no problem. I scrolled down to install Google play store, no problem. However it would not install on my box. Help

  6. Daniyal Khan 6 months ago

    YouTube Stucks on my X96minj i have to restart again n again, then it runs , what could be the problem ?

  7. Sayd Marschany 6 months ago

    When I turn off my MX10 Pro 4/64 and switch to TV, it always switches back to HDMI automatically. Every time I switch to TV it goes back to HDMI. If I leave the box on, no problem. Is there a fix to this? Thank you.

  8. ItsADR 6 months ago

    my box is running slow i need answer

  9. Joe G 6 months ago

    I am having one hell Ava time getting a app that finds running in the background programs that I want to turn off, not delete them just stop them from running in the background. I found one thing that worked very well once now it works but it goes to the last program I view.
    I use my rig keypad. Press alt then press tab one time, the first time I did this it worked as it should by leaving the list up on my home screen. Then I just use the school pad to go to the x and terminate the program. Worked FANTASTIC ONE TIME will not do it again.. Wonder why
    Help if you can please.

  10. Abdiaziz Aden 6 months ago

    Best best best
    Thank you bro

  11. rickey williams 6 months ago

    Wow. Fixed my Walmart Brick! God Bless you!

  12. Amanda Kelly 6 months ago

    i have a x96 mini the youtube download of the site didnt work for me still says incompatable with your device….how to get youtube to work !

  13. Peter Lewis 6 months ago

    check out singleton urban build.

  14. Kevin Ellis 6 months ago

    Didn't work for me. Would not install onto my X92 TV box.

  15. Ajdiin 6 months ago

    Thank youu brooo love you 🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦

  16. Corey Sandreth 6 months ago

    I have the H96Max+ TV Box , The sound is so low you can barely hear it. Switch back to Reguar TV and it is fine. What do I do to fix it

  17. Michelle Cayaba 6 months ago

    Thank you so much for this ♡♡♡

  18. PROVID ™ 6 months ago

    I have problem i only see youtube videos in 360p how to fix it please

  19. Lord Kennedy 6 months ago

    I clicked download on both and when I click on the download complete it says app not installed.

  20. System Failed 6 months ago

    Hey Gabe, a while back you had a video on how to fix the Amazon Firestick screen when it shrinks. For the life of me I can't find that video. I tried the resolution but the screen is still tiny and is in the corner of my tv. Can you refresh my memory.

  21. fordfairlane1955 6 months ago

    best thing that helped me was better hdmi cables

  22. rayfl502 6 months ago

    I just got great 400 mps service only to find out that my x 96 will not take the 5g signal, I have it hardwired with 6 g and it still won't play any 4 k content.

  23. Blue Sonikku 6 months ago

    So here is a question that I have been pondering. I have two TX5 pro boxes bought at the same time. Both running Leia 18.1, android 6 I believe. The thing is YouTube for android TV works on one. The other gives me "there is a update for this app" but then when I go into the Google Playstore I get "This app is not compatible with your device"

    How can it work on one box and not the other?

  24. sandib biswas 6 months ago


  25. Randa 6 months ago

    Not helpful , my system will not give me the keyboard option to sign into my google account 🙁 HELP

  26. Chris Gupta 6 months ago

    I can't login to my tx2 box after upgrading to v 7.1.2. Have tired deleting all google memories but it still does not work. Factory reset also does not work the only way I can get it to work partially is to run the upgrade again but then it goes gray in the middle of me setting up the account. So I am back to square one. Have tired to log in with youtube after updating with Aptoide and a number of the ways but always fails. Love to get some more ideas if you can think of any? Many thanks.

  27. Miguel Flores 6 months ago

    I keep getting a message after trying to download youtube that the app is not compatible with my media box. I have m9s pro 32g

  28. Shayne Porlier 6 months ago

    My YouTube version won’t play anymore and your version won’t install. Any advice?

  29. Bobby Stevens 6 months ago

    Sounds lile mr vandresun from beavis and butthead.. Mkay…. Lol

  30. Rey Estrada 6 months ago

    Sorry km5 is the android vi have

  31. Rey Estrada 6 months ago

    How are the problem i am having is everytime i try to open settings app itells me unfortunately settings has stop can you help thanks

  32. Paul Juri Matula 6 months ago

    sir, i have a quest. some of games i can't play on my t.v box, i downloaded the game already but i can't click on starting screen. like RPG games, i can't hold the screen and drag to walk. do you have any idea how to fix it? TIA

  33. India Shotts 6 months ago

    My THE T95Z PLUS box turns on but I can’t get the home screen at all all I have is a black screen. What happened and is the box done? I haven’t had it a year yet.

  34. Vahagn Haroyan 6 months ago

    I have Sunvell T95Upro android tv box and when I plug it via hdmi cable to the TV, TV reboot itself, has anyone face this issue before? Any advice?

  35. Haluk Demir 6 months ago

    Not working.

  36. Paul Raj 6 months ago

    Settings missing in 'myapps' kindly help. H96 max android box

  37. Dereick Singh 6 months ago

    i cant get my playstore to download noting

  38. joseph prince 6 months ago

    My t95z plus box worked fine, I unhooked it n now won't turn on, when plugged in it only lights up a very dim light but won't turn on? Is this common or fixable

  39. N_t_play 10 6 months ago

    Thanks for this video I almost threw away my old Android box is saved me a couple bucks

  40. Fayya Kwj 6 months ago

    android TV box when I open channels list I play channels back to channels list but reach to channels menu problem

  41. Man Stir 6 months ago

    google play store can't open for my h96 max+, is there any way to fix that? already clear cache and so on but failed to open Google Play Store

  42. IvyNOT poison 6 months ago

    Every time I got to click the dowmload it says there was a problem parsing the package 😔

  43. Christiancowboy 6 months ago

    Google Play Services installed. However, Google Play Store came back saying "did not install, corrupt file"

  44. glovedcop69 6 months ago

    Ive downloaded your updated play store but my box for some reason just reverts to the old version with is that?

  45. Taulanti M 6 months ago

    My tv box T96 keeps turning black everytime I use my remote and says HDMI plug in !
    What's the problem?
    Can someone help 😕

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