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The Singing Walrus presents the fun alphabet game “Find the Letter X”, part of a series of alphabet games that help children recognize the shapes of upper and lower case letters.

The “Find the letter” series not only helps kids with letter recognition in the form of a fun alphabet game, but also encourages them to look for letter shapes in familiar surroundings.

Just like in our previous “Alphabet Writing Series”, Mr. Crabby guides the children from beginning to end. He reminds them of the shape of the specific letter, then shows them colourful pictures which hide three of that letter (first the upper case, then the lower case letter). Children have 20 seconds to find the letters.

In each picture, we include objects that start with the specific letter.

We hope you and your children/students will enjoy our Find the Letter Series of alphabet games!

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**All illustration, animation, music, and voice work produced by The Singing Walrus


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