A Parent’s Perspective of Using Eye Tracking for Communication – by Rebecca and Marlee

Rebecca and Marlee joined us at the 2018 ISAAC conference in Australia and shared their story. They blew us and the crowd away with a very emotional presentation of their personal journey.

Thank you once again Rebecca and Marlee!

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  1. jeela tam 8 months ago

    I work with tobii devices with an ALS patients. Like its said in the video that Marlee advocated about her health with " understand can't", i also think that with this device, even the patient can call for help for a caregiver if something happened to the caregiver while they are alone with each other, assuming they have texting on the tobii. That's a great power for someone!!! This is so beautiful. I hope Tobii is able to provide this technology to a lot of people. I have been helping people with this device and will keep doing it. I always think how wonderful it is just to be able to say " I love you " to someone when you don't have a voice. This is from experience as i have worked with people who didn't have this technology and would often think how it might have been if they had. Respect!

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