Robert DeLong

Robert has had many careers and adventures in his “first” 70 years of life. He currently lives in Rudy, Arkansas enjoying his retirement looking at the world with a touch of humor. He is a UFO enthusiast.

Patrick Rahall

Patrick lives in Massachusetts with his fiancée and is a member of the New England Horror Writers. He has published two novels and a collection of short stories. You can follow his blog at http://pjrahall.blogspot.com

Linzi Bootman

Linzi Bootman is a paranormal enthusiast, she enjoys hunting for ghosts in her spare time. Enjoys research and is a self proclaimed geek. Please feel free to contact her at linzi.bootman@yahoo.com

Dr. Paul

Dr. Paul claims to be a fictional person with 5 paranormal books released. You can read more at Dr. Paul Website

Saqqara Aleister

Saqqara is a published science fiction writer with a heavy interest in the paranormal, both from research and field work. You can read more about her at:    http://www.americanchronicle.com/authors/view/2376

Billie Peel

Billie is an expert analyst of captured paranormal audio recordings offering her services to several paranormal investigating teams and guests on T.V. for the R.I.P Files.  She has authored several books and has put out a CD with a collection of spirit voices. You can find out more about Billie at Spookmanor.com.