“Time” to Aliens, do they perceive it as we do?

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clock twisted  One thing that is never, or seldom considered, when speaking about UFOs and their ability to appear and disappear at will, is ‘time’. Have you ever stopped to think about where time comes from? Whose idea was it? How has it come to control our lives?

When we talk about how far a UFO might come from, do we discuss it in elements we are familiar with? How do we know how long it took for a ‘mother ship’ to travel from point A to point B? We don’t! All we have to judge them by is what WE, as humans, have determined to be ‘right’.

What a mistake that can be. There is one ‘camp’ that firmly believes in the 6 day construction of earth theory with one day of rest. They also are in agreement that humanity is only 6000 years old. Never mind all the physical proof that is available to disprove that hypothesis.

Maybe the scientists are wrong? Perhaps the geologists and paleontologists and even the archeologists are ALL smoking the same plants products. How could they possibly be correct about the carbon dating techniques recognized by all branches of science?

We know the cycles of time are all ‘man made’ and man accepted. If there is one denominator that makes us ALL equals, it is time! Man did not show up with a silver Rolex on his wrist and begin his reign on earth as the higher up on the food and intelligent chain. No, man, with some likely help from his wife, telling him to “get home in time for ‘this’ or ‘that'” so he sat down and figured out a way to do it.

It is really not so important at this time, to determine who, when and how this was done. What IS important is for you to wrap your mind around the fact that when an ‘alien’ points to a star in our sky, to answer a question of where he came from, the time it took for him to get from there to here will not compute in our system of time.

Unless their world is an exact duplicate of ours, with the same type sun, at the same distance from their planet, which takes exactly 365 1/4 days to make one loop, then our time, as we know it, means nothing to us. It should also mean nothing to use because we are dealing with unknowns.

To further our insatiable quest for knowledge, past, present and future, we need always think in terms of 6 things.

  • What are they?
  • When did they come here?
  • Why are they here?
  • Where did they come from?
  • How did they get here?
  • Who is scheduled for the next meal?

Just look at the ‘Global news’ and you will see, literally thousands of sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects. Sure there are plenty of trees growing which produce the figs that make up our ‘figments’ of our imaginations but trust me, not everyone is eating from them. Some people claim have seen them and know them for what they are and what they represent to the human race. I am not going to go into the concepts of how dangerous some of them could be at this time, I want to help you to ease into the ‘believing of them’ first.

First and foremost, it is ok to be skeptical. It is part of the human makeup. Not believing, on your part, does NOT make you any less of a human, no more than those of us who DO believe such things are possible. You do not have to see one (UFO, Alien, extra-terrestrial) to believe they are here and they, on the whole, are NOT our buddies. I have never seen a reptoid, or a coelacanth or even a big foot, but I know they exist.

Notice I said I ‘know’ they exist because so many others, with no axes to grind, or names to make, HAVE seen them. Just think about how many things you ‘know’ exist, but have never seen, touched, tasted, or held them!

I am not saying to ‘open your arms’ to them, just open your minds to the ‘possibility’ of different things and places and techniques being out there. You don’t have to see ghosts to accept the fact they do exist. There was a great two hour TV program not too long ago that certainly opened my mind and eyes to the existence of intelligent creatures in our ocean, and I am not speaking of dolphins. A race of human-like beings which have adapted to our oceans and live there. Their kind have been caught in nets, hauled on board ships and gotten lose and back into the sea while being videoed. There are large sharks and other fish which have been caught with the points of spears, not made on land, still embedded in them. Google this information and you will find a world you never knew exists off of every shore line around this world.

The main purpose in this letter is to get you to thinking because I will be back with some information that will only make your days worthwhile, just knowing all things are possible.

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Robert DeLong (Staff Writer for Paranormal Association)

Robert has had many careers and adventures in his “first” 70 years of life. He currently lives in Rudy, Arkansas enjoying his retirement looking at the world with a touch of humor. He is a UFO enthusiast.


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